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Welcome to Jeff Thomann's blog!

Welcome to Jeff Thomann's blog! In this blog I show much of my artwork, healthy goals, and a variety of other things. Hope you enjoy your stay here! :)


starting something new…   – main site I was working on, but never finished… I don’t know if work will continue on it or not…

Alternative Link to above is: – a quick and dirty gallery of the artfolio over there…

Alternative link to above is: – a new blog that is currently empty but will soon have a LOT of items in it.

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I like this new little playground since it has unlimited space for me to play with, which leaves lots of room to put a lot of images in over time… I plan to eventually ‘recreate’ this blog and more there over time. It will be a time consuming process, but it will be worthwhile… since it’s a full fledged website, I can also and may do some html type experiments over there eventually.







Recently renewed domain for the next several years… I haven’t worked on that site for a long while, but going forward will try to do a bit more on it as time goes on.

things are a changing again…

The one and only foolproof thing that never changes is that change is inevitable…

Things are a changing again in the near future… may post here more about it later when I have some time and after some of those changes start taking place…


Killer Hill…

I got up today and tried a hell of a running workout.  Loaded myself up with my 20 lb weighted vest, 2 lb ankle weights, and 1 lb weighted gloves, then ran/jog/walked to Harley Park (a distance of about .6 miles or so from home), half way through the park, and over to the Lookout point area. Walked down ‘killer hill’ at lookout point to about 50 feet above the railroad line where the grass starts to end and the mud on the lower access road gets too gooey to walk in much, then proceeded to run up the hill as far as I could before I got winded.  I only got about 75% of the way up the hill before I had to stop to take a breather, before heading up the rest of the way to the top of the Indian mound next to the sewer waste treatment plant up there.  I’ve never measured exactly how far this hill is in feet, but it’s quite a hill.



harley 2

The yellow line shows the path up the hill I take roughly… Incline is probably around 35-70 degrees or so, with most of it being around 40, and the spot next to the road crossing being a little more like 65.  That’s actually a good thing since I have to sort of slow down to cross the street, watching for cars anyways before ascending the actual mound.



Back in my ancient days of running in high school and college I used to be able to run from mom and dad’s house, which is about half a mile from the lookout, up the hill with about 10 sprints to the top, and back.  In order to get back to that level of running it going to take me a while, but I can see it starting to happen in leaps and bounds slowly.

At work I have  started measuring my steps with a pedometer thing that I got a few weeks back.  On a heavy walking day when I’m on the casino floor for 4 hours or so I’m walking roughly 5 km, i.e. around 3 miles or so… the walking at work is starting to build up my leg muscle endurance, but running is a whole different type of muscle… I’ll get there, just will take some time. In the mean time if it’s too hot or cold to work out outside I’m going to try to do more inside workouts. I’ve been neglecting doing that for a while now. Time to start getting back to it.  On the days I’m not running I’m going to be doing other types of workouts… Finally bought me a 12 lb sledge hammer and a couple of 2.5 lb mini-sledges to do some club bell type swinging when I’m not using my 30 lb kettlebells, or other equipment… Yes, definitely headed in the right direction, but it’s hard to admit just how out of shape I am at this point in time vs where I want to be… It’ll be ok though. I WILL IMPROVE OVER TIME!  Can’t and WON’T give up this time round!!!…

stethoscope trick… for infants and toddlers.

Neatest trick in the book for those of us with infants and toddlers… Use a stethoscope, placing the bell an inch or two away from a sleeping baby’s nose and mouth.  You’ll be able to hear her breathing pattern as she’s sleeping without disturbing her.  🙂





Darn links in a few posts and pages are not working at the moment.  I’ll slowly fix this up and tidy things a bit over time, especially on the pages. (maybe on posts too eventually).

I have started blogging on this blog and a few others a little the last couple of days more. I might start focusing on this one big time in the coming weeks, months, years.