Panoramic Decayed Timber

Panoramic Decayed Timber is available for purchase!

Panoramic Decayed Timber is a zip file that contains several texture photos that I recently shot of some decaying timbers that are next to a driveway, holding up one yard from falling in to the next.

These lawn timbers have been slowly falling apart since they were installed over 27 years ago.  They were very weathered with age, and contain some moss, cracks, etc.

Sorry if there is some blurry areas in some of the images.  I was manually shooting these by hand instead of using an assisted device to keep distance equidistant between camera and the texture… so these might be best for copy/paste textures for various projects instead of as full on single image textures for logs in your 3d scenes, etc.

Filetype: jpg

Bit Depth: 24

Dimensions vary:

1029 x 15553 Pixels

15940 x 1004 Pixels

874 x 18310 Pixels

2528 x 3952 Pixels

1073 x 14916 Pixels

18415 x 869 Pixels

17714 x 903 Pixels

17252 x 927 Pixels

16939 x 944 Pixels

19614 x 816 Pixels

17149 x 933 Pixels

23015 x 695 Pixels

14544 x 1024 Pixels

17085 x 936 Pixels

A few keywords related to these images are timber, moss, aged, weathered, decay, decayed, crack, cracked, wood, beam, board, pole, plank, rafter, lumber, wooden, mast, firewood, logs, log, kindling, woodworking, planks, brown, grey, green, grain, texture, outdoors, outside, edge, knotty, low-grade, landscape, yard, suburb, fence, wall, nature, pattern, panoramic, pano, contrast, zoomed, closeup, material, building, structure, frame, timbered, slab, pine, lumberyard

Panoramic Decayed Timber is available for purchase on Artstation!Panoramic Decayed Timber is available for purchase!


Panoramic Grass

Panoramic Grass is available for purchase!

Panoramic Grass is a zip file that contains 7 jpg files. Each file is a panoramic shot of grass textures.

Panoramic Grass in Virtual Reality (VR) view of one of the images

These types of images could potentially be used in 3d animation programs for ground textures, or in various blogs or websites as background images if cropped to fit your creativive needs, etc.

Bit Depth: 24 for each

Dimensions vary a bit:

10058 x 1731 Pixels

10400 x 1642 Pixels

12478 x 1282 Pixels

13438 x 1190 Pixels

13888 x 832 Pixels

18800 x 864 Pixels

and 20364 x 786 Pixels

A few keywords associated with these images: texture, panoramic, grass, blades, ground, green, field, yard, background, clover, mowed, lawn, suburb, suburban, blade, reference, sod, greenery, pasture, meadow, grassland, turf, landscape, pano, clearing, plot, tract, moor, lea, parcel.

Panoramic Grass is available for purchase on Artstation!


Hollyhock is available for purchase!

Hollyhock is a simple digital photograph of a Hollyhock I shot in my yard recently.

I love the way the pink and green colors compement one another.

This type of photo would be a great background for a blog or website.

Filetype: jpg

Dimensions: 4032 x 1960 Pixels

Resolution: 72 DPI

Bit Depth: 24

Color Representation sRGB

Holyhock is available for purchase on Artstation!

Prints of Hollyhock on various products can be found at Fine Art America!

A few keywords related to this image are hollyhock, flower, pink, green plants, nature, spring, petal, petals, bouquet, complementary, contrast, leave, stem, plant, living, bud, stamen, growth, growing, alive, living, life, composition, central, centralized, vein, biology, happy, joyous, flowers, garden, gardening, yard, outside, outdoors, greenhouse, closeup, curve, soft, edge, line, photo, photograph, lovely, joy, happiness, springtime, festive, holly, hock, holly hock, stock photo, stock, background.

Prints of Hollyhock are available on Fine Art America!


Awe is a stock photo that is available for purchase!

Awe is a panoramic photo that of an amazing sunrise and the cloud formations created by the sun slowly arising to bring forth the day.

There are quite a few cumulus clouds in the air that have a good potential to create some rain later in the day. This photo was shot in Boonville, Missouri around the time of the 2019 Flooding… Moisture was in the ground causing the clouds to be a lot closer to the ground than they normally are, which allowed many great cloud formations to be visible on any given day.

Many expressions come to mind when I view this image. It is a mixture of hope, and glory, but also slight worry that more rain isn’t on the way…

This type of image could be potentially used for website or blog backgrounds, advertising purposes, or as background skies for 3d projects. It’s also just a nice image to have as a screensaver…

Filetype: jpg

Dimensions: 5950 x 1545 Pixels

Resolution: 72 DPI

Bit Depth: 24

A few keywords related to this image are sky, skies, orange, cloud, cloudy, cloud formations, cumulus, rain, rainy, sunrise, horizontal, skybox, background, overcast, meteorology, mythic, majestic, morning, abstract, colorful, pattern, backlit, magic hour, bright, brilliant, contrast, blur, soft edge, forecast, humid, windy, beautiful, panorama.

Awe is available for purchase on Artstation!Awe is a stock photo that is available for purchase!

Many Products with Awe printed on them are available at Fine Art America as well.

Awe is available on printed items at Fine Art America's Website!

to do list:

Need to go back and remove all links to cafepress from this site since Cafepress deleted all my stuff for some silly reason a while back… Need to re-add some stuff in place of those posts or just delete em and start fresh, etc. Lot of work, but it’ll be worth it over time…

Need to remove photo bucket link and start putting in Google Photo links to some of the traditional artwork posts, etc.

I will keep working on going through various photos and adding in new stuff on artstation over time. I like the idea of doing more panorama type stuff… we’ll see how it goes. Kind of afraid of getting out on that river bridge and dropping my camera in the water… may need to find a way to tether it to me similar to how the Wii controller tethers work or something?

Need to start exercising more… and eating right… and possibly not blogging so much late at night which is eating away at my time to sleep…


Grid is a stock photo that is available!

Grid is a photo that was shot several years ago.  At the time that I created this image I was heavily in to the concept of man’s impact on the environment.

We like our nature, but we like to control it to conform it to our own uses… The telephone pole and power lines on it are how we connect with one another, and that grid can go down at any time since we are not in control even though we may fool ourselves in to believing that we are.

I love this time of day, when the street lights are just coming on or turning off, but the sun is still up… twilight hour… when our stress filled days turn in to joy filled evenings with friends and family…

Filetype: jpg

Dimentions: 2976 x 2232 Pixels

Resolution: 96 DPI

Bit Depth: 24

Color Representation: sRGB

Grid is available for purchase on Artstation.

A few keywords related to this image are evening, night, twilight, streetlight, street light, phone, phone pole, electricity, power, power lines, lines, manmade, energy, dark, light, artificial, control, powerful, force, industrial, silhouette, shadow, contrast, chiaroscuro, darkness.


Paradise stock photo is available for purchase!

Paradise is a photo that was shot near on Galveston Bay, in Texas.  

Paradise is a photo of the setting sun on a beautiful day, palm tree in view.  This was shot while we were waiting in line to get on the Ferry.  It was about the perfect ending to a perfect day.

This image is Post Card worthy. As a matter of fact you can find the Greeting Card with this image on it on Fine Art America!

File Type: jpg

Width: 500 Pixels

Height: 317 Pixels

Resolution: 72 DPI

Bit Depth: 24

Paradise is available on Artstation!

Products with Paradise printed on them are also available on Fine Art America.

A few keywords related to this image are beach, surf, ocean, gulf, boat, palm, palm tree, sunset, cloud, atmosphere, environment, majestic, beautiful, sea, beaches, summer, ferry, fishing, tropical, vacation, galveston, texas, paradise, saltwater, sand, silhouette, foreground, background, perfect.