Did you know that Catholic Organizations pay (at least indirectly via contracted third party) for contraceptive and other reproductive health services?

One little fact that a lot of people don’t know about the healthcare industry is that “Catholic Organizations” sometimes pay for contraceptive and other reproductive health services. Typically, they will do so through a third party payor… However, the payment is paid by the third party via contractual agreements that the “Catholic Organization” has set up.

Here’s a link to an old story on this:

despite protests by many Catholic hospitals and employers that it would violate the Church’s teaching to provide coverage for contraceptive services, many Catholic managed care plans cover contraception and other reproductive health services


Check out Page 49 of this too:

As far as I know, this type of thing still goes on today… The third parties are contracted to issue the payments so it really does not look like the “Catholic Organizations” are paying, but they set up those contracts to get this stuff paid. As someone who grew up Catholic that works closely with healthcare, this makes me sort of sick… and I have to ask why it continues to be done… How can a place that supports abortion continue to call itself a “Catholic Organization”?

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