My first photo on The 3d Studio

Here’s a link to my first image on The 3d Studio.
Asphalt photo on The 3d Studio
I am not sure if I’ll use them as much as Turbosquid for individual photos like this one though since the minimum markup for a product is 10.00 on stock photos. However, for packs of multiple images that might be an ok price.

4 thoughts on “My first photo on The 3d Studio

  1. I misspoke–models can be given away for free but if sold the minimum price is $10. Stock photo/image minimum price is $2. Prices can be higher–each author sets his own prices.



    • Ok, so it’s 10.00 Minimum. That’s a little better! 🙂 It still does not allow us to go as low as Turbosquid does but it’s doable for multiple images in packs I guess. TS allows folks to price however low they want to go I think, but they adjust price over time sometimes if they want to re-balance things. At least you guys do give us the option to change price at any time, unlike TS – once they adjust a price, if they do, it stays that way most of the time since there’s no option at TS to re-suggest a price. Thanks for the quick replies. Sorry for the mistake in thinking it was only 15.00. I had it marked at 15.00 default I think and tried to go lower, but did not think to try 10 or above til I got this reply.

  2. oops… it’s actually 5.00 minimum! I set that as the price for this thing now, lol. That’s a lot more realistic of a price for a single stock photo texture image!

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