Seed idea…

How many people in the world eat apples and oranges daily?!?… How much of the world is getting hurt by green house gases because of trees that are now gone? Imagine what could happen if we all saved our apple and orange, or whatever other fruit seeds you come across in your daily meals, and send them to people to plant, or plant them yourselves somewhere? I am always eating apples and oranges in my lunch and now have started collecting the seeds and planting the little baby trees inside of a little bowl at home that has a light directly above it most of the day. What I’ll do with these saplings when they get bigger, if they get bigger, I don’t know… Wonder if others have similar ideas or are doing likewise?!?… Is there some sort of national forest type of place that could allow us to plan these little orphan trees? Maybe we could start a national orchard that has free fruit for everyone! 🙂

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