SatelliteGuys: SatelliteGuys is getting word from our sources that FSC+ will replace Setanta on @DISHNETWORK @DIRECTV and FIOS.

SatelliteGuys: SatelliteGuys is getting word from our sources that FSC+ will replace Setanta on @DISHNETWORK @DIRECTV and FIOS.

If you are not in to FTA Satellite yet, maybe you should start looking in to it. It’s really cool to be able to watch satellite TV for absolutely free once you have the equipment – no monthly fees!

Check out this neat little gadget:
Zoomsat SatZen Z300 Free to Air Satellite TV Receiver with Internet Dongle Included

From the Archives 03: A Brief Homage to Franklin Gothic

The Franklin Gothic typeface is the primary influence for nearly all MoMA materials; it’s the basis of our logo (see the top of your screen) and our official font “MoMA Gothic,” which were both created by Matthew Carter. We were happy to see that MoMA used a version of Franklin Gothic as long ago […]

Want to get in to Typography? Check out some of these cool Typography books

Signs of Life: The Life of the Exit Man

Signs of Life, the animated pictographic exit sign by British designer Freddie Yauner, takes the most banal everyday object—something that we see daily but rarely notice—and brings it to life.
Signs of Life is a sensor-controlled, three-minute flash-animation sign featuring the familiar mid-motion stick figure following a directive arrow that points to the way out. When […]

Participants Needed for Alcohol Research: $12 per Hour

I saw an email about this… figured I’d post it here since some of you people reading this qualify and might be eligible…
Participants Needed for Alcohol Research: $12 per Hour

The Social Cognitive Neuroscience lab at MU is looking for participants for a research study on the effects of alcohol on cognition. If you are between the ages of 21 and 35, have no history of substance abuse problems or other major medical conditions and consider yourself to be a “social drinker” you may be eligible to participate. Participants must be available for an appointment that lasts approximately 4 to 9 hours. A telephone interview is required to determine eligibility for the study. Eligible individuals will be paid $12/hour for participating. If interested, please contact Alcohol Research at 882-4405 or email for more information.

Announcement sponsored by MU Social Cognitive Neuroscience Research Lab