Latest Buzz (Feb 10th)

Upcoming VUs .
We’re getting close to mid-February and for Calypso that means a couple of new VU’s. First up is FPC’s own content VU including the Mission system which I’ve written a little about earlier.
Missing mobs.
Sumimas and Gradivores will be in for the next release. The reason for their absence is a bug where hovering […]


1 thought on “Latest Buzz (Feb 10th)

  1. Future posts like this are coming from a new twitterfeed that I set up to pull in feeds from Entropia Gateway, which is Entropia Universe’s official blog. Also, I am pulling in Atlas Haven Radio’s Tweets in the future too.

    I’m also thinking about adding a couple of other feeds that are related to this blog… The short urls direct you to the official source. Take them where they lead if you want to read the rest of the story on a particular post! 🙂 😉

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