2 thoughts on “SatelliteGuys: Is @DISHNETWORK planning on moving some HD off of 61.5 to 72.7? Read more at http://tinyurl.com/yazf4ra


    HD Channels Launched on the 72.7° Orbital Location for Easter Arc customers- The additional channels were launched on the 72.7° orbital location, instead of the 61.5° orbital location, because in the future we plan to migrate core HD content to the 72.7° orbital location for Eastern Arc customers. We are aware that some existing customers will be impacted because of this and we are working to provide these customers with solutions. If you are contacted by an existing customer who is interested in receiving these additional HD channels, we have created a specific phone number for them to call – please advise customers to contact DISH Network directly at 888-701-8965.
    This doesn’t affect me since I rely on free TV, but it might for you folks that pay ungodly amounts just to watch tv every month.

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