SatelliteGuys: DIRECTV Partners with Common Sense Media to introduce easy to understand on screen ratings.

SatelliteGuys: DIRECTV Partners with Common Sense Media to introduce easy to understand on screen ratings.

9 Screens: As Long as It Lasts

When MoMA Associate Director Kathy Halbreich invited me to observe the inner workings of the Museum and share my observations and critiques with both curators and administrators, I thought it was very important for MoMA to take a look at its interchange with artists—how the Museum is perceived by artists, and also its function and role within […]

This weekend…

This weekend, if I find some time, I’m going to work on scanning more drawings from the ol’ sketchbooks and posting them in to the Artfolio Category here in the blog. There’s still lots of art that I don’t have online yet, lol! 🙂 😉

Eventually, if I get everything online, I’ll just keep making more and always scanning it in on the weekends or whatever free time I can find.

If nothing else, this at least helps get my name out there, and helps you folks see some stuff I’ve done in the past. All artwork any artists creates has something from his or her past involved in it in some way… It’s important to know where we’ve been so we know where we are, and where we are heading.

Hopefully this blog is helping you, as well as myself, discover, or rediscover where I’ve been… then you and I can put the pieces together to see where I stand now… and I can ultimately arrive at some really interesting and difficult questions about where I’m heading.

Entropia Universe 10.8.1 Release Notes

Repair Installation

The client loader can now automatically repair corrupt installations, allowing full restoration of your Entropia Universe client to working condition without having to install and patch it again from scratch. The repair utility can be accessed from the File menu in the client loader. The utility will scan your installation for missing or corrupt files and then prompt you for permission to automatically download those files again.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with color palette in Avatar creation and Beauty system.
  • Fixed tutorial message for Quests/missions.
  • Planet name added to account activation mail
  • Improved stability
  • Enhancers are no longer lootable in PvP
  • Fixed issue with DNA samples being unusable in Land Area Management
  • Fixed issues with PvP HUD icon and warning messages
  • Fixed issues with Undo in character definition
  • The checkbox Show with/without attachment in Item Info should now work properly in Scanner mode