Illustration Tutorial Site List.

I’ve decided to start reading up on Illustration more and figured I may as well share some of the links of sites I’m visiting here with you. I’m also posting this stuff here so that I won’t have to remember which sites I visited and/or which computer and which browser I was on when visiting to get back to the Favorites or Bookmarks. I can just come back to this post and know where the sites are.

More sites will be added to this posting later. I’ll also put a link to this posting in the Links Tab of the blog.


Now Open – Delta Discounts – Calypso’s TRUE Bargain Shop – Omegaton West Habitat, Delta Tower, Booth # 3

Now Open – Delta Discounts – Calypso’s TRUE Bargain Shop – Omegaton West Habitat, Delta Tower, Booth # 3. This new shop is located just around the corner from the Lost Library Blueprint Consignment Shop. You can read more about it over at

Entropia Universe 10.9 Release Notes


  • Implemented possibility to have action text on target, in global chat, in both places or in none of them.



  • Improved streaming of textures, models and animations allowing for a smoother experience. This will be most noticeable when entering areas with many avatars and buildings, or estates with many items.

Audio and Visual

  • Some more plants bends at touch when, for example, running through them.
  • One plant has vegetation sound when moving through it.
  • Reimplemented explosion sound and minor shake of the earth at mining.
  • Improved fire animation in fireplaces.

  • Added the column Created on both Offers and Orders tab, presenting how long ago since each items was placed in the auction.
  • Added the All tab.
  • Removed the Last Calls tab, since it is now redundant; viewing last calls is now the default setting.
  • Added dialog requiring confirmation when buying an item with a high cost in relation to account balance.
  • Added Next and Previous buttons to enable browsing of 10 pages at a time.
  • Added Markup information for entered bid and buyout.
  • Added possibility to sort ascending/descending order on several columns.
  • Added information to sold and won item messages.

  • Fixed issue with faulty help text on Orders tab.

Ad Messages

  • Fixed issues with ad screens not showing added message or not being possible to operate after being placed on a wall.
  • Added function to modify and clone an Ad message.

  • Reimplemented the possibility to hold free events, that is, set event ticket price to 0 PED.
  • When creating hunting events in PvP zones, it is only possible to have either “no ranged weapons” or “no melee weapons” selcted. Implemented check for this that automatically makes sure only one of these is selected.
GUI (Miscellaneous)

  • Fixed issue with faulty tooltips for create event rules and when changing attitude towards another society.
  • In the Market Value History Graph, added tooltip to show value information for that specific point in the graph.
  • Added tooltip for ammo count.
  • Fixed issue with no updated preview when changing item at coloring and texturing.
  • Fixed issue with disappearing icons when deleting text in the search field in the Action Library.
  • Fixed issues with showing pending icon (orange marker) for societies.


  • Fixed issue with updating the color palette in Beauty system and when creating new avatar.
  • Fixed issue concerning teleporting to Crystal Palace.

  • Fixed issue with not being able to view a mannequin’s or shopkeeper’s sex before purchase.
  • Fixed issue with changing attitude towards other societies.
  • Fixed issue with changing graphic settings.
  • Fixed characteristics for Standing Sign and Backlite series.
  • Fixed recipe for mining finder range enhancer blueprint.


  • Enmatter claiming rod not visible. Will be fixed ASAP.

Entropia Universe 10.8.3 Release Notes


New Features

• Technical preparations for vehicle support.


• Added new fragment for enhancer manufacturing.

•The first in a line of upcoming fragments is released – the Nova fragment. Fragments are items with very low recycle (“TT”) value which are used in various activities, such as Tiering and Enhancer manufacturing. The addition of the Nova fragment will change existing areas that use fragments. This is done to improve economic balance. Each fragment type has its own rarity level. Blazar fragments are more rare than the more common Nova type. With this update, Blazar fragments are used in the Tier system and the Nova fragments are used in Enhancer manufacturing, thus replacing the Blazar fragment ingredient previously present.

• Fixed issue with mutants giving wrong type of scanning skill.

• Fixed issue with camera movement when viewing some rapid-moving animations, both in 1st person and 3rd person view.


• Repair installation in Client Loader is not working – this will be fixed ASAP.

Claes Oldenburg: Conservation of Floor Cake (Week 5)

In our previous posts we discussed the materials and methods used by Claes Oldenburg to create Floor Cake, the artist’s unique and popular piece of painted cake currently undergoing conservation treatment here at MoMA. This week, we investigate the properties of Floor Cake’s surface dirt, to help us prepare an optimal cleaning solution to remove […]

Entropia Universe 10.8.2 Release Notes


Beauty System

• Fixed issue with locked GUI when customer cannot afford beauty operation.

• Fixed issue with eye height when aborting sculpturing.

• Fixed issue with Success Rate not being updated correctly.

• Improved GUI by graying out unavailable buttons.

• Help text updated to include target actions.

• Designer view of the customer is now adjustable using the new camera actions.

• Designer is free to move around during a session.

Quest/Mission System

• Rocket and Grenade launcher valid for killing creatures in quest.

• Minor GUI updates; changed one background color and updated quest notification icon.

• Disabled Abandon button when no quest/mission is selected.

• Fixed issue where mission broker does not accept correct amount of gathered sweat when in separate stacks in the Inventory.


• Fixed issue with Avatar already being logged in.

• Improved Client Loader stability.

• When killed by a creature, information on what creature it was will again be displayed in the chat window.

• Fixed gun turret animation effects.

• Added camera actions to target different body parts.

• Camera position is better synchronized with avatar eye position.

Cubicle Critic: Oscar-Nominated Documentary Shorts

“The Oscars are my Super Bowl”—it’s something of a cliché in our media-obsessed world, especially among twenty-something women such as myself, but there you have it anyway. I’m not a football fan, and to me March madness refers to the stir-craziness that inevitably accompanies the last weeks before spring. But a celebration of the silver […]

Can Art Change the World?

As Director of Digital Learning, I might just have the best job in the world. Take today as an example. At 10:00 a.m., I reviewed video for an online studio course about the materials and techniques of Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, and Barnett Newman (among others) that my coworker Amy Horschak and I hope […]

Tutorial files for 3D World 128

In issue 128 of 3D World, Andrew Comb shares tips and techniques from his astounding space station project; Ayaka Ito explains how she creates surreal figure portraits using Cinema 4D and Flash; and Tim Woods creates a close-up woodland scene.

Here you can download project files to accompany these tutorials. Further project files for the issue‘s other tutorials are provided on the disc inside the magazine.

The tutorials that these files accompany are in 3D World issue 128. To order your copy, visit My Favourite Magazines.

Build a space station

Download video (60.2MB)

The project files for this tutorial are provided on the disc.

Create surreal figure portraits

Download project files (104.1MB)

Download video (68.5MB)

Create a woodland scene

Download project files (99.2MB)

Download video (174.6MB)

SatelliteGuys: What does this mean for @DISHNetwork customers? Discuss it at

SatelliteGuys: What does this mean for @DISHNetwork customers? Discuss it at

TiVo Statement on Decision by U.S. Court of Appeals in Lawsuit Against EchoStar

ALVISO, CA — 03/04/10 — TiVo Inc., the creator of and a leader in television services and advertising solutions for digital video recorders (DVRs), offered the following statement today on the U.S. Court of Appeals decision to [ruling] in lawsuit against EchoStar.

“We are pleased that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit fully affirmed the district court’s finding of contempt against EchoStar, including both the disablement and infringement provisions. Additionally, this ruling paves the way for TiVo to receive the approximately $300M in damages and contempt sanctions awarded to us for EchoStar’s continued infringement through July 1, 2009. We will also seek further damages and contempt sanctions for the period of continued infringement thereafter. We will continue our efforts to protect our intellectual property from further infringement.”

About TiVo Inc.
Founded in 1997, TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO) developed the first commercially available digital video recorder (DVR). TiVo offers the TiVo service and TiVo DVRs directly to consumers online at and through third-party retailers. TiVo also distributes its technology and services through solutions tailored for cable, satellite, and broadcasting companies. Since its founding, TiVo has evolved into the ultimate single solution media center by combining its patented DVR technologies and universal cable box capabilities with the ability to aggregate, search, and deliver millions of pieces of broadband, cable, and broadcast content directly to the television. An economical, one-stop-shop for in-home entertainment, TiVo’s intuitive functionality and ease of use puts viewers in control by enabling them to effortlessly navigate the best digital entertainment content available through one box, with one remote, and one user interface, delivering the most dynamic user experience on the market today. TiVo also continues to weave itself into the fabric of the media industry by providing interactive advertising solutions and audience research and measurement ratings services to the television industry.

TiVo, ‘TiVo, TV your way.’, Season Pass, WishList, TiVoToGo, Stop||Watch, Power||Watch, and the TiVo Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. or its subsidiaries worldwide. © 2010 TiVo Inc. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

TiVo Products

Levitt in Color, New at MoMA

There are no installation views of the Projects exhibition in which Helen Levitt first presented her color photographs to MoMA’s public, for one simple reason: all forty pictures were projected onto the wall, fading as quickly as they appeared. The year was 1974, and Levitt was in the midst of a creative outburst—unusual not only because […]

Books by or about Helen Levitt

Download issue 128’s Short Cuts animation

The viewer joins sole character Frank as he faces a broken computer, a customer service line and the limits of human patience in Paul A. Tillery IV’s SCAD-produced short film Window Pains…

Read about the making of Window Pains in issue 128 of 3D World.

Download Window Pains (12MB)
Right-click on the link and select Save Target As to download the movie

The video requires QuickTime 7
Get QuickTime Player

Searching for Tim Burton

The search for Tim Burton took us to four Hollywood studio archives, five independent production company collections, and four private lenders, exposing us to an interesting variety of archival situations. Studio archives are traditionally housed on the lots where their films and television programs are shot, or, if their collections are large enough and the […]

Tim Burton Items on Amazon

MoMA Offsite: Across the River, Across the Pond

Institutions that engage in munificent and far-reaching lending forge important collegial relationships with one another, and in the process help to create a network of public spaces with dynamic, diverse programming. Rarely, however, are these relationships sanctioned in any official capacity, which is what makes the affiliation between MoMA and P.S.1 so special. The two […]

Prizes worth €20,000 up for grabs at this year’s invaZion 2010


Brühl, Germany, March1st, 2010: One of the most prestigious competitions for creative film makers and with a top Hollywood jury, is hotting up. The invaZion 3-D Short Film Challenge ( ) is taking place for a second time…

3d Short Film Items on Amazon

An Eisenstein Double Bill

These notes accompany the Eisenstein Double Bill program, which screens on March 3, 4, and 5 in Theater 3.
(1898–1948) is a special case in many ways. He was undeniably one of the geniuses of the early cinema. As a theoretician, he wrote voluminously, positing his theory of montage (editing), derived from the work of D. […]

Check out Einstein: His Life and Universe – really neat book!

International animation competition: Jerusalem 2111

For an interesting twist on the animation competition, check out Jerusalem 2111 and submit your vision of the future.

The event is an international brainstorming competition for a vision of Jerusalem 100 years from now – more details can be found …

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Animation Unleashed: 100 Principles Every Animator, Comic Book Writers, Filmmakers, Video Artist, and Game Developer Should Know