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Entropia Universe 10.9 Release Notes


  • Implemented possibility to have action text on target, in global chat, in both places or in none of them.



  • Improved streaming of textures, models and animations allowing for a smoother experience. This will be most noticeable when entering areas with many avatars and buildings, or estates with many items.

Audio and Visual

  • Some more plants bends at touch when, for example, running through them.
  • One plant has vegetation sound when moving through it.
  • Reimplemented explosion sound and minor shake of the earth at mining.
  • Improved fire animation in fireplaces.

  • Added the column Created on both Offers and Orders tab, presenting how long ago since each items was placed in the auction.
  • Added the All tab.
  • Removed the Last Calls tab, since it is now redundant; viewing last calls is now the default setting.
  • Added dialog requiring confirmation when buying an item with a high cost in relation to account balance.
  • Added Next and Previous buttons to enable browsing of 10 pages at a time.
  • Added Markup information for entered bid and buyout.
  • Added possibility to sort ascending/descending order on several columns.
  • Added information to sold and won item messages.

  • Fixed issue with faulty help text on Orders tab.

Ad Messages

  • Fixed issues with ad screens not showing added message or not being possible to operate after being placed on a wall.
  • Added function to modify and clone an Ad message.

  • Reimplemented the possibility to hold free events, that is, set event ticket price to 0 PED.
  • When creating hunting events in PvP zones, it is only possible to have either “no ranged weapons” or “no melee weapons” selcted. Implemented check for this that automatically makes sure only one of these is selected.
GUI (Miscellaneous)

  • Fixed issue with faulty tooltips for create event rules and when changing attitude towards another society.
  • In the Market Value History Graph, added tooltip to show value information for that specific point in the graph.
  • Added tooltip for ammo count.
  • Fixed issue with no updated preview when changing item at coloring and texturing.
  • Fixed issue with disappearing icons when deleting text in the search field in the Action Library.
  • Fixed issues with showing pending icon (orange marker) for societies.


  • Fixed issue with updating the color palette in Beauty system and when creating new avatar.
  • Fixed issue concerning teleporting to Crystal Palace.

  • Fixed issue with not being able to view a mannequin’s or shopkeeper’s sex before purchase.
  • Fixed issue with changing attitude towards other societies.
  • Fixed issue with changing graphic settings.
  • Fixed characteristics for Standing Sign and Backlite series.
  • Fixed recipe for mining finder range enhancer blueprint.


  • Enmatter claiming rod not visible. Will be fixed ASAP.


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