– Mr. Pirate’s Foot Locker is a website that lists the trading rates for Mike Pirate Vic, a full time trader in Entropia Universe. Mike has fairly good rates, and updates the rates regularly.

Entropia Universe 11.0.5 Release Notes


  • Added string search function. It is now possible to perform item name searches in the auction.
  • Resized auction window to fit in minimum resolution (1024×768).
  • Fixed issue with showing wrong item icon in the details window.
  • Updated help texts.
  • In beauty system, fixed issue where facial hair style changes also changes hair color control.
  • Improved loading performance of static geometry.
  • Adjusted action text alignment.

Advertisement – Cam Studio is a FREE screen recording device. It can actually be used to do program tutorials too where you record your own voice. 3d Buzz has been using something like this for a long time. I only recently started using it to capture Entropia Universe stuff. I might use it for other stuff at some point in time, maybe even doing some tutorials about Entropia Universe.

If you get serious in to using it, you will probably want to get Virtualdub – a Free movie editing software. Make sure to use compression settings if you do use it though since uncompressed video in Virtualdub is usually full of a lot of unnecessary bloat.

A lot of people use FRAPS to do this sort of stuff, but FRAPS is mainly aimed at gaming only, so is not that great for general video work, and also it’s not free (unless you like seeing a watermark) – Entropia Universe Chipping Optimizer – Entropia Universe Chipping Optimizer.   This tool gives you a rough estimate of how much it will cost for you to chip up your avatars skills to the level you want to be at.

In Entropia Universe, unlike other MMORPGs, your avatar’s skills can be implanted and extracted so you can buy new skills or sell off the ones  you have.  It’s very similar to the way that Neo learned Martial Arts skills in the Matrix Trilogy. – Marshall Arisman is an illustrator who’s works I have liked for quite some time. His works are somewhat simple, but also are rather disturbing. I think his original theme/idea was mainly to combine the human form with metal or robotic type of images.. a sort of bionic illustration genre, really sci-fi type of thing. I like his works because they deal with our humanity… and the ultimate issue of death, and what death might mean, both now and in the future. His use of bold color schemes like black and red makes his works really pop out and catch your eye. The images are so strange and wonderful, they tend to haunt you. That makes you think. All great works of art make you think…

Entropia Universe 11.0.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Fixed Issues

  • In the Installer, fixed link to create account.
  • Fixed issue with logging in after creating an account through Next Island’s website.
  • Fixed issue with displaying duplicate gold card help text windows.
  • Increased Client Loader stability.

Legal Document Updates

  • In the EULA, updated Paragraph 11 and added Paragraph 15.3.
  • In the ToU, updated Paragraphs 4 and 14 and added Paragraph 18.3.

To read the updated revisions please look under Rules and Policies on your planetary system specific website or use this link directly:

Additional Information

  • New content released for Planet Calypso, Calypso 2010.02:
  • For planetary system specific updates, check their respective website which can be found through Entropia Universe’s official website


plans for the future with this blog
– scan more drawing and paintings
– start posting more
– post more art related postings about various things in the art world
– post more in-depth detailed postings about entropia universe instead of the generalized type of posts that have been done up til now
– start taking photos more and post links to wherever they end up online too…
– maybe even do some poetry or artistic writing of some type…

Maria’s Blog 4/18/2010

Over the weekend Maria bought a few QR 100 blueprints, and also outright bought some blueprints from both with high qr and low qr from a crafter that was doing consignment deals in Maria’s Shop, Delta Discounts. Maria has started to craft a little now too.

I used Bob the Builder’s website as a guide to help me figure out which blueprints to buy with high qr. I’m focusing on low cost materials to skill upon. Basic Auxillary Socket is what I’m crafting tonight. The ingredients for it are 1 lysterium ingot, and 2 oil. That is the same cost as standard dampers, but dampers are only TT food, like Basic Filers. I can sell Basic Aux. Socket in the shop, even though the markup on it is low… and also can sell whatever residue I get from it.

Before now, my high qr crafting was mainly filters and dampers, which is costly and not good since it’s all TT food, that is useless for any other thing in game, even though it is listed as a component – it’s not a component of anything. Aux sockets are a component of something..

A long time ago I had the dream of Maria skilling up on longblades and crafting to eventually become a longblade engineer. Right now, she’s up to level 2 in that profession… She can’t hunt much these days because slow computer graphics card gives her lag… but crafting machines don’t need fast graphics cards since no one is around much, and speed does not matter as much as with hunting… so hunted up til now, but now the focus on skilling side of things will be in crafting… When not doing that, I’ll be continuing to buy stuff as cheaply as possible and selling it in the shop, as I have been up til now.

If you ever get in to crafting in Entropia Universe, it’s costly but tools like Candyman’s site can help you figure things out a bit. Right now Maria only has a hundful of qr 100 blueprints, but they are the ones that are use cheap ingredients so that she can get lots of skills cheaply. She also has a LOT of blueprints in various books from the blueprint consignment deals she’s been doing with the shop, so she’s well on her way to becoming one of Entropia Universe’s best crafters in a few years. The shop ownership is only the first of many long term goals. The blueprint collection is part two of that. Now it’s time to build some skills in crafting!

p.s. I really love auto-crafting in Entropia Universe since it lets me type posts like this while also doing something in game. Very nice being able to multi-task.

Maria’s blog: 4/16/2010

I’ve not put a lot in to blogging from Maria Mesh’s perspective for a while. I think now is the time to start doing that. I type a lot on Entropiaforum, so sometimes get lost over there instead of typing over here…

Today, Maria sold her apartment, Omegaton West Habitat – Delta Tower, Apartment 1D to a society mate. Eventually, she may get the chance to buy it back at the same price, but only time will tell. The apartment was sold to free up some PED. Maria also sold a lot of empty books she had in resettlement storage when she was running the “lost library”… an idea that sort of fizzled because a lot of people did not seem interested in buying blueprints, even if they were TT priced. What bps she has left she’ll either sell in the shop or sell to friends at a good price.

Most of the rest of the empty books have the Technician bps in them, so I need to manually unload each and then sell them and the books themselves to the trade terminal. The Lost Library has served it’s purpose, it allowed me to “save” my peds that were tied up in all of these books up until now… I spent the money on them all so that I could basically waste my time moving stuff around in books and organizing them in a nice and neat way instead of wasting time in game doing other junk that would be throwing the money away, such as hunting, buying overpriced stuff I don’t need, but wanted, etc. It was a bit of a way of making the peds last instead of blowing them all at once. Now I have a clearer vision of what to do. I’m going to keep buying stuff at TT prices off of the auctions and selling in the shop. That way I can keep playing the game safely and not loosing a ton of money in high risk investments… so the need to have that many books to mess around with is not there as much any more. Each of the resettlement containers has around 100 books in them, each priced at 1 ped, and a good bunch of them had 2-4 blueprints in them at 1 pec each, bought from the technician… so each resettlement container had about 10 US dollars worth of peds in them… not a lot of money, but enough to make my need for peds now want me to sell them so that’s what I’m doing. It was also, in part a bit of a test on the servers to see how many items an avatar could hold. I discovered that an avatar can hold an almost unlimited amount of items if they are stacked in books, boxes, and other containers… you are not limited to the 200 item slots in inventory and 500 in storage for each planet as some may believe…

Since the apt. sold, Maria is left with two estate deeds – The Shop at Omegaton West Habitat, Delta Tower, Block A, Shop 1, and one of the booths behind it, Omegaton West Habitat, Delta Tower, Booth #3. She also bought a shopkeeper and manniquin a few days ago, which is part of the reason she’s in need of peds… and sold the apt. Shopkeeper cost her 3k, that is 300.00 US Dollars… and Manniquen was only 30.00 US Dollars. I thought you could sell items the manniquen wore as he wore them, but apparently I was wrong on that, so it may be a bad buy. I sent a support ticket in about it since I could have sworn I saw a manniquen do that a few years ago in one of the malls.

Out of the 100 books that were in one of the resettlement containers, only 25 are left that have blueprints… I’ll unload the other resettlement container later that has the component II books and other books later. Luckily, the technician and Trade Terminal don’t let you sell books to them that have blueprints in them, which makes it a lot easier to sell the empty books than it would be otherwise… I just throw them all in the sell tab and if they have blueprints in them they bounce back in to inventory.

A lot of crafters tend to throw away low level blueprints, that is sell them to the trade terminal, or hand them out to anyone on the streets. The idea behind the Lost Library was to gather up those throw aways and re-distribute them to other folks in exchange for other blueprints, etc. That worked up to a point, but it got to be very difficult to organize, so I eventually sort of gave up on the idea, and just started selling on consignment in my shop. With that I paid Trade Terminal prices to crafters, tried to sell the stuff, and then if we got profits I gave them profits back. There was a lot of work involved in keeping the google documents. I still have several things on consignment with several people, but will slowly either sell them back to them at TT value or outright buy them so I’m not left holding a lot of people’s stuff, where I could eventually get accused of being a scammer.

In Entropia Universe, your reputation is EVERYTHING… if you ever get accused of scamming, you might as well forget about playing the game for a year or two… it’s not really that bad, and I’ve never been accused of scamming because I never have scammed… but some people aren’t so smart… you are not as anonymous as you may think you are in a virtual world… I could write a lot of topics on that eventually.

Well, my hands are a little sore from typing this and moving all those blueprints from the resettlement boxes to inventory, and then to the sell tab of the technician, so I’ll write more at a later time. Have a nice day.

Entropia Universe 11.0 Release Notes

New Planet Discovered in Entropia Universe


Today we proudly present the new planet ROCKtropia! That means that currently two planetary systems are available to you, consisting of two planets, one asteroid and one space station; ROCKtropia, Planet Calypso, Club NEVERDIE and Crystal Palace.

Entropia Universe is growing and ROCKtropia is set to be the first of many new and different planets that will be forming Entropia Universe. “Diversity is as important in the virtual world as it is in the real world,” said MindArk founder and CEO Jan Welter Timkrans. “We are thrilled to see the excitement generated by ROCKtropia and the other planets coming online soon.”

For more information about this milestone in the history of Entropia Universe, see
Space Travels


Space travel is possible both between and within planetary systems. For example, you can travel directly between Crystal Palace and ROCKtropia or, within a planetary system, between Crystal Palace and Planet Calypso.

To space travel, log in and find a teleporter and select desired destination.

Tip! When traveling through space make sure to pack the items you want to bring in your carried Inventory. Storage facilities are specific for the planet (space station, etc.) you are currently at, meaning that if you store items on one planet and travel to another one, you cannot access those items at your new destination.




  • Client Loader updates:
    • Besides being able to view information specific for different planetary systems, it is also possible to view general Entropia Universe information. To change to general Entropia Universe information click the link in the upper left corner and to change to specific planetary system information click desired link on the Planet Roster tab.
    • Just as before, you click Launch in the lower right corner.
    • Changing options is done through clicking Tools.

Note! Clicking “Launch” in the Client Loader’s lower right corner opens the login screen. At log in you are directed to your avatar’s current location in Entropia Universe. Traveling between and withing planetary systems is always performed by your avatar from inside the universe.



GUI and Visual


  • Login screen updates:
    • Total GUI remake.
    • Added credit screen.
    • Several login attempts possible if entering faulty login information.
  • Fixed issue with Confirm button not responding if no changes has been done in the Avatar Info GUI.
  • Improved error message texts, using different texts for different kinds of errors.
  • In storage help, added information about storage facilities being specific for the planet you are currently at.
  • MindArk time is now called Entropia Universe time.
  • In Quest/Mission log, the Abandon button is now disabled when no quest is selected.
  • Fixed issue with Friend List update when adding friends.
  • Fixed texture for Energy Matter claims.
  • Fixed direction for particle movement in some creature related effects.
Beauty and Camera System


  • Fixed issue with changing back to initial hair style.
  • Added confirmation dialog when changing back to initial hair style, after completed Beauty session.
  • Re-added target actions for eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Increased focus on body parts.


  • Improved Client Loader stability.
  • Removed Tier increase rate statistics on items for sale in the Trade Terminal.
  • Fragments are split to dedicated auction categories.
  • Added different sounds for footsteps depending on terrain material.
  • Different NPCs may now have different postures.

  • Re-added sounds for critical hits.
  • Fixed issue with broadcaster and net streams.
  • Fixed issues related to action text.
Additional Information