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Entropia Universe 11.0.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Fixed Issues

  • In the Installer, fixed link to create account.
  • Fixed issue with logging in after creating an account through Next Island’s website.
  • Fixed issue with displaying duplicate gold card help text windows.
  • Increased Client Loader stability.

Legal Document Updates

  • In the EULA, updated Paragraph 11 and added Paragraph 15.3.
  • In the ToU, updated Paragraphs 4 and 14 and added Paragraph 18.3.

To read the updated revisions please look under Rules and Policies on your planetary system specific website or use this link directly:

Additional Information

  • New content released for Planet Calypso, Calypso 2010.02:
  • For planetary system specific updates, check their respective website which can be found through Entropia Universe’s official website


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