more bookmarks…

bookmarks are also going up at – actually I think that’s updated more often then the daily posts at I’ll leave both up for now since they serve a role for myself in finding links I want when I want them. I also can and do just use sometimes, but this gives me a backup of that, and also gives me a way to share various random bookmarks with you. Most of the junk I look at is stuff that might not interest you, but on the other hand, it might. Usually I only bookmark something if theres some particular problem that I’m trying to solve and the link in the bookmark points me in the right direction. I also sometimes bookmark stuff that is various websites that I visit that I’m fairly certain are hard to find in google, yahoo, or other search engines, but that I want to go back and visit later for some reason or the other. Anyways, since these bookmarks are over there, instead of here, you can ignore them all together if you want… and they are not clogging up this blog making it a little unreadable like it was when I had feeds filling in this blog. I might do the feed thing again with blogs later for a similar reason I’m doing these bookmark blogs, but only time will tell.


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