Walnut oil any good for oil painting?

I posted a couple of delicious links about walnut oil – it’ll be visible at
http://www.mastermesh.wordpress.com within 24 hours or so. I’m thinking about starting to get in to oil painting again, but am looking for a healthier way of doing it then the typcial way since the area that would be the studio does not have a lot of ventilation, actually NO VENTILATION unless I open a door and turn on a box fan. If Walnut oil is safer then oderless turpentine, or other types of oils, I think I might have to look in to using it… I don’t necessarily like shiny paintings, which is why I used to never put damar varnish or any varnish on top of paintings, so that they kept the matte look to them… or mixed the matte look with shiney look via use of oil in certain locations on the picture plane. However, if it’s safer to go shiney with stuff like walnut oil, I might have to try it out. I’m not sure how the heck I’ll scan or photograph the stuff since the glare will be awful in the mirrored surface reflections, but it might work out?!?… Anyone out there tried to oil paint with Walnut Oil yet? I’d love to hear how it worked for you.

2 thoughts on “Walnut oil any good for oil painting?

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  2. Walnut oil makes the paint really creamy and smooth.
    However, if you look at The Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques you will find that it does not recommend using walnut oil. The book states that it will cause the paint to crack over a period of time.
    I guess you have to decide if you want your paintings to last for a long time. Also walnut oil does not make them free of toxins since they have other harmful ingredients in them but it just makes them a little bit less toxic.

    Hope this helps.

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