blog links and stuff… – Main Real Blog. The Start of everything… – delicious links feed in to here… – old blog, not used currently much… – middle blog. At the moment, googling for jeffthomann puts this one way up there since it’s been around a lot… It’s pulling feeds from the – not used much at the moment. This one used to auto feed some stuff with twitterfeed, but since twitterfeed is broken, and I don’t want to get accused of being a sploggy spamming that’s breaking copyrights, it’ll stay silent for now. – My main twitter that pulls stuff from my blog. It’s mainly a middle man. – big messy pile of goo that pulls everything in that I can get it to pull in. New-ish blog that sort of acts like the jeffreythomann twitter… sort of a place where a lot of the rss feeds and forwards that are bouncing around will end up.

Might add more links in here later… since there’s a few other blogs I used to have that I might use for something else in the future.

I know, I’m a bit crazy having all these various accounts, but really, it’s much better then having to keep track of multiple blogs like I used to, manually editing each, and is also much better then making one blog that is a spammy mess like this one used to be several months ago before Chris and a few others complained to me. I can and will tweak things from time to time to make it all do what I want in a nicer, cleaner way in the future. Sorry for the confusing messes, but there’s just a lot of various junk in various corners of the internet that I like to visit multiple times and need the links too, etc. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing as I tweak it more and more to do what I want it to do. RSS changed the way the internet works, and this old guy that used to hand tweak vrml and html 3 is still leaning the ropes…

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