is far from complete. I started this new website today to house my Portfolio at some point in the future after I get the scans done, and start having enough actual complete artworks online to have an online portfolio. This blog is acting as a sort of helper to that because it’s helping me get as much of my artwork online as I can and weed through it to figure out what is actually worthy of being in my online portfolio. I plan to constantly keep this whole project in review at all times in the future and continuously edit things to get them to a satisfying level of perfection. It’s a lengthy process.

I will continue to blog here as this process comes to some level of completion. My hope is that I eventually generate enough interest in my artwork that I can eventually, someday, maybe make creating paintings or illustrations, doing scene design, or creating animations and digital props in to a full time job. It may take a while, and might never happen, but at least this blog and that website are here so I can’t say that I didn’t try.

Yes, I’m going about this all wrong in some folks eyes, especially since my artfolio part of the blog is out here for everyone to see, in plain view, but that’s ok with me. It’s a bit of a humbling and “real” picture of where my skills have been, are, and will go in the future as I post more and more things out here. It is something that gives future coworkers, clients, and others a real unbiased look at me, my talents and skills. This is something that’s a bit special, and more then a client in the illustration industry typically gets to see from prospective artists.

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