ok… no dupes… too much risk.

Since there is the possibility that Turbosquid might do something funky with my account if they detect that I have duplicate images with different names in their datbase, I’ve decided to NOT do as I was thinking about and reuploading every blasted image I have.

Instead, I’m going to, going foward in time, as new assets are created, put the new assets in to the database mentioned in the last posting. I also might try to blog/link to every past asset put on Turbosquid and may try to figure out the current file names that match. However, I’m not sure if I”ll do that or not. However, some of the previous images from the past that were put in to turbosquid may end up becoming a part of zip files that will be uploaded as batches. That way I can continue to use the files in their new naming structure without too many issues…

Image asset management is a major pain sometimes… People should really be made aware of this before they get in too much over their heads like I did, lol.

Lesson learned.


New/Old Projects …

I’m still organizing photos on my hard drive. I’m breaking the up in to various folders that are related to themes… so like for example, folders might be family photos, trees, asphalt, concrete, bark, ground, vegetation, clouds, etc.

In doing this, since a lot of my old photos had the same name but were in different folders, I’m having to rename a lot of them. I found an interesting way to do that in Windows that I posted a link about over at my delicious links blog http://www.mastermesh.wordpress.com, and also put something over there today, which should show up tomorrow that talks about how to create text file listing of all files in a windows folder. What I’m going to do is use all of that to essentially “start over” with Turbosquid, Zazzle, etc. and going foward make a comprehensive, excel database that lists the name of various artwork I have online, then lists the urls to discussion of each art work here in this blog, the urls to places to buy or see the item in question on turbosquid, the 3d studio, and elsewhere if I add my stuff to various other stock photo places online in the future.

My goal here is to essentially have a big database that shows me where everything I have online is, and where the duplicates of it are too, so like if someone contacts me and likes a photo, I can redirect them to an entire cd that has the photo they liked over on cafepress, etc. It’s a huge project that will take a lot of time to do, but in th end will be worth it.

To document all of this stuff, I’m using this blog, and will also eventually use a new website I’m working on over at jeffthomann.t35.com. (right now that site is a horrible messy situation… I’m not uploading the new site til it’s pretty much how I like it in a few weeks, months, or however long it takes to get the local copy to be just the way I want it)

That t35 site will eventually, primarily be my online “portfolio” which only contains the best of the best of my stuff… unlike the artfolio here in his blog. However, over there, I’m also going to have some version of this massive excel database that I’m making, which will likely be a big image gallery type of thing where each image over there is either 100 pixels wide, and/or watermarked, and that place will be sort of a “quick links” list to the postings about each individual item over here at the blog, on turbosquid, cafepress, zazzle, etc.

In this way, I can use this blog to talk about individual artworks in a detailed manner, and use the t35 site as a sort of quick portfolio that’s more profesional.

I have a heck of a lot of work ahead of me. I originally thought about linking to the old stuff on Turbosquid, but since it’s so frustrating getting the old file names to match the new ones, I’m likely just going to “start fresh” so to speak… and just hope Turbosquid doesn’t close my account if I accidentally end up with multiple files that are the same thing.

The real goal here is to become more pro, and to get more stuff out of the hard drive and or basement and online where people can see it, interact with it, maybe even buy it. That way, once I get the old stuff out of the way, I can focus on creating new stuff, and will have a comprehensive database and website to modify to add the new stuff to as I become more and more professional. It’s sort of a gigantic project that could well, and probably will take the rest of my life to constantly modify and re-modify… It’s something I should have probably been working on since 2005 but didn’t because blogs were not as powerful as then as they are now, and also because in 2005 I got married! I stopped focusing on the painting, 3d artwork, and digital phot taking a lot back then that was blowing away hundreds of hours out of my life that I needed to use to focus on my new wife and developing my family. Now that things on the homefront are stable, the college loan is paid off, and blogs have massively improved, it’s time to refocus energies on making this nice little hobby in to more then just a time-consuming, expensive hobby.

In emails with one of the folks over at the3dstudio.com, I was told more or less that it’s silly to put the not-so-good stuff online, and that that individual takes literally tens of thousands of photos yearly. My question to that individual and any artist out there on the web is if you are creating the stuff, why not put it out there? Everyone has different tastes, opinions, etc. What any particular individual thinks is not so great, another person may think is awesome. However, if the artists just leave the stuff they don’t think is so hot stored away where no one can access it, how will they ever know what others think? It’s a disgrace to yourself and everyone around you to hide your artwork away for years for some silly art historian to find after your are dead, if they ever get around to it. You are alive, your art is alive… Life is far shorter then any of us wants it to be in the first place… so why not put your living artwork, created by you, a living artist, somewhere where people can access it 24/7? Gallery walls are nice, but they are not open 24/7, and not everyone in the world can see it… out here on the web, there’s a lot more eyes to look at the stuff, and a lot more possibilities to explore then almost every artist in the world has ever explored entirely so far…


Over in my delicious links blog at http://mastermesh.wordpress.com I’ve recently posted quite a few links related to Mormonism, the occult, and a few other things that are related…

In thinking about all of that, I think there’s a lot of similarities…

In psychology, one area of relationship therapy studies the idea of the “Imago” is the subconcious ultimate love in your life, which was created through various psychic wounds you received over your youth which actually causes you to seek out a lover that has certain traits similar to those that wounded you the most in the past, mostly when you were a child, but also at any time in your life, which usually is why people seek out lovers with similar traits to their parents – who is the most caring relationship they’ve had, but also the most damaging on some levels.

I propose that the Imago and the Holy Guardian Angel idea in magic are really sort of one in the same. This also has to do with self esteem on some levels. Some claim the HGA is seperate from the self – which is just like the Imago, and that connecting with the HGA one gains control over the self – which is just like the HGA and Imago idea. Some also claim that there is a “higher self” in magic involved which is similar to HGA but seperate and more based on the magician changing themselves rather then talking to the HGA. That has to do, I think, with the ego and self-esteem in psychology. Magic isn’t really all that magical. Scientology’s cleansing thetans in order to gain control of one’s life and moving to a higher level is not much different of an idea then cleansing the mind’s of past psychological wounds – gaining control of the self, or any other religion’s various similar topics.

Scientology claims to hate psychology, but ultimately, they seem to have the same exact goal – cleansing the mind to gain control of the self. Magic and really just about every other religion on the face of the earth seems to have the same sort of goal – gaining control of the self to get in to contact with the higher self, which should be the real self. It’s the same whether it’s following the commandments Moses obtained, following Islamic law, cleansing the Thetan aliens from the self (which are really sort of like alien “sin” germs), seeking enlightenment through the Lightbringer in Freemasonry, wrapping yourself up as a mummy to live forever in your own temple as the ancient Egyptians did, seeking cleansing through confession as Catholics do, seeking others on the internet who share your ideas as the Brights and freethinkers do, seeking ways to get to Kolob’s holy light as Mormons do, or seeking to overcome real or imagined demons in order to talk to the Holy Guardian Angel so that you can gain control over the self and seeking your true self…

what I’m working on.

I’m back at organizing the thousands of photos on the hard computer that I have managed to save through several hard drive crashes the last few months. I think I ended up loosing about 2 years out of the last 10… which sucks… but going fowards, I’m not going to let that happen again since I’m going to back up to dvd more often, and also have an automated daily backup process in place that saves to a second computer right now.

Major plans for immediate future…
– continue working on organizing photos –> upload to turbosquid for the sellable stuff, Winkflash or somewhere similar for the family photos that are for private viewing only, and maybe make some of it grouped in to folder structures that can be sold on cds on cafepress or somewhere similar.

– start working more on uploading more old drawings and paintings to zazzle, cafepress, and elsewhere, linking to it from here.

– start working on the new blogs more somewhere down the road or now and then when I have a few minutes (see the links over on the right hand column to the public domain blog and the list of artists blog).

– start working on 3d stuff. My 3d skills are very rusty.

– see if Google has gotten back to me. I contacted them about using street view images in art since others are already doing that with their consent to make paintings. Figure there’s some possibilities in making 3d models of cities, houses, cars, and other things… as well as inspirational views for traditional 2d artwork too.

– eventually work on some illustration jobs I assign myself. This is something that I really want to get in to down the road. However, first I want to get this stack of stuff from the last few years organized and working for me the way I want it instead of sitting on dvds and hard drives not being viewed by anyone. Art is only alive if there’s someone make it and see it. It’s dead if it’s sitting in a basement collecting dust or on a hard drive collecting digital dust since no one is using it. Art is a form of visual communication. If no one is communicating through it, it really might not exist?

– clean out the basement so that I have access to my studio so that there’s the ability to paint instead of just draw.

– buy more gesso. I am liking this new style of applying the gesso with a cake decorating knife and/or credit card instead of a brush so that there’s fewer brushstrokes. Need to look in to getting a longer longer decorating knife so that the flat edge runs across the entire edge of a 5 inch board. Right now the knife only covers about half of the board as far as the flat edge goes.

– work on compositions

– print out some of the interesting photos I want to work on as base compositions for paintings

– create some more paintings.

idea: rolling pin wood block printing.

here’s a bizzare idea that I just thought of… what about engraving rolling pins to create wood block type of prints. In a typical print shop you cut flat planks of wood to do engravings on and put it through a roller to apply pressure to the paper. What about just engraving a wooden rolling pin so that the pin itself acts as a roller that puts the ink on the paper. Strange idea, but for those on a budget without a typical printing press, it sounds like it might possibly work… but now the question is will a rolling pin stand up to that sort of damage? In printmaking class back in college, another cheapo alternative I remember talking about with the professor was using wooden kitchen spoons to sort of rub the paper on to the top of a cut up piece of wood or metal to make the print. This idea with the rolling pin sounds more logical to me as long as you can figure out a way to make the registration marks stay where you want them, and the paper stay while the rolling pin moves.

3d studio sucks somewhat…

I am learning to hate The 3d Studio’s website. Uploading there, I just had a bunch of stuff I was working on completely erased from their clunky image editing database thingy… also they erase images uploaded after about a week. That’s completely different from turbosquid, which keeps images for years, so if you don’t get around to adding keywords, etc. on turbosquid you are not out of luck completely… I REALLY WISH some image selling site would just auto sell stuff without having to add enormous amounts of work through adding keywords, etc. It’d be nice if there was a place that you could ftp images in, then the community could tag the stuff or you could later in bunches…