3d studio sucks somewhat…

I am learning to hate The 3d Studio’s website. Uploading there, I just had a bunch of stuff I was working on completely erased from their clunky image editing database thingy… also they erase images uploaded after about a week. That’s completely different from turbosquid, which keeps images for years, so if you don’t get around to adding keywords, etc. on turbosquid you are not out of luck completely… I REALLY WISH some image selling site would just auto sell stuff without having to add enormous amounts of work through adding keywords, etc. It’d be nice if there was a place that you could ftp images in, then the community could tag the stuff or you could later in bunches…

1 thought on “3d studio sucks somewhat…

  1. I can’t stand the 3d studio, I had a bunch of stuff there for safe keeping…..to make a long story short, they erased my account and all my work……they SUCK! tell everyone you know…..I also don’t believe in my opinion that they are honest about the sales they keep the money they make from everyone’s hard work…..and lie about the sales.

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