what I’m working on.

I’m back at organizing the thousands of photos on the hard computer that I have managed to save through several hard drive crashes the last few months. I think I ended up loosing about 2 years out of the last 10… which sucks… but going fowards, I’m not going to let that happen again since I’m going to back up to dvd more often, and also have an automated daily backup process in place that saves to a second computer right now.

Major plans for immediate future…
– continue working on organizing photos –> upload to turbosquid for the sellable stuff, Winkflash or somewhere similar for the family photos that are for private viewing only, and maybe make some of it grouped in to folder structures that can be sold on cds on cafepress or somewhere similar.

– start working more on uploading more old drawings and paintings to zazzle, cafepress, and elsewhere, linking to it from here.

– start working on the new blogs more somewhere down the road or now and then when I have a few minutes (see the links over on the right hand column to the public domain blog and the list of artists blog).

– start working on 3d stuff. My 3d skills are very rusty.

– see if Google has gotten back to me. I contacted them about using street view images in art since others are already doing that with their consent to make paintings. Figure there’s some possibilities in making 3d models of cities, houses, cars, and other things… as well as inspirational views for traditional 2d artwork too.

– eventually work on some illustration jobs I assign myself. This is something that I really want to get in to down the road. However, first I want to get this stack of stuff from the last few years organized and working for me the way I want it instead of sitting on dvds and hard drives not being viewed by anyone. Art is only alive if there’s someone make it and see it. It’s dead if it’s sitting in a basement collecting dust or on a hard drive collecting digital dust since no one is using it. Art is a form of visual communication. If no one is communicating through it, it really might not exist?

– clean out the basement so that I have access to my studio so that there’s the ability to paint instead of just draw.

– buy more gesso. I am liking this new style of applying the gesso with a cake decorating knife and/or credit card instead of a brush so that there’s fewer brushstrokes. Need to look in to getting a longer longer decorating knife so that the flat edge runs across the entire edge of a 5 inch board. Right now the knife only covers about half of the board as far as the flat edge goes.

– work on compositions

– print out some of the interesting photos I want to work on as base compositions for paintings

– create some more paintings.


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