Over in my delicious links blog at I’ve recently posted quite a few links related to Mormonism, the occult, and a few other things that are related…

In thinking about all of that, I think there’s a lot of similarities…

In psychology, one area of relationship therapy studies the idea of the “Imago” is the subconcious ultimate love in your life, which was created through various psychic wounds you received over your youth which actually causes you to seek out a lover that has certain traits similar to those that wounded you the most in the past, mostly when you were a child, but also at any time in your life, which usually is why people seek out lovers with similar traits to their parents – who is the most caring relationship they’ve had, but also the most damaging on some levels.

I propose that the Imago and the Holy Guardian Angel idea in magic are really sort of one in the same. This also has to do with self esteem on some levels. Some claim the HGA is seperate from the self – which is just like the Imago, and that connecting with the HGA one gains control over the self – which is just like the HGA and Imago idea. Some also claim that there is a “higher self” in magic involved which is similar to HGA but seperate and more based on the magician changing themselves rather then talking to the HGA. That has to do, I think, with the ego and self-esteem in psychology. Magic isn’t really all that magical. Scientology’s cleansing thetans in order to gain control of one’s life and moving to a higher level is not much different of an idea then cleansing the mind’s of past psychological wounds – gaining control of the self, or any other religion’s various similar topics.

Scientology claims to hate psychology, but ultimately, they seem to have the same exact goal – cleansing the mind to gain control of the self. Magic and really just about every other religion on the face of the earth seems to have the same sort of goal – gaining control of the self to get in to contact with the higher self, which should be the real self. It’s the same whether it’s following the commandments Moses obtained, following Islamic law, cleansing the Thetan aliens from the self (which are really sort of like alien “sin” germs), seeking enlightenment through the Lightbringer in Freemasonry, wrapping yourself up as a mummy to live forever in your own temple as the ancient Egyptians did, seeking cleansing through confession as Catholics do, seeking others on the internet who share your ideas as the Brights and freethinkers do, seeking ways to get to Kolob’s holy light as Mormons do, or seeking to overcome real or imagined demons in order to talk to the Holy Guardian Angel so that you can gain control over the self and seeking your true self…

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