ok… no dupes… too much risk.

Since there is the possibility that Turbosquid might do something funky with my account if they detect that I have duplicate images with different names in their datbase, I’ve decided to NOT do as I was thinking about and reuploading every blasted image I have.

Instead, I’m going to, going foward in time, as new assets are created, put the new assets in to the database mentioned in the last posting. I also might try to blog/link to every past asset put on Turbosquid and may try to figure out the current file names that match. However, I’m not sure if I”ll do that or not. However, some of the previous images from the past that were put in to turbosquid may end up becoming a part of zip files that will be uploaded as batches. That way I can continue to use the files in their new naming structure without too many issues…

Image asset management is a major pain sometimes… People should really be made aware of this before they get in too much over their heads like I did, lol.

Lesson learned.


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