Sign Post Photo by Jeff ThomannThis photo of a sign post is that I shot is available on turbosquid at


Photo of 555 Locust by Jeff Thomann
This photo of 555 Locust Street is available at Turbosquid. Click the image below or the following link to see the image on Turbosquid.

bin file for satellite

I uploaded a channel bin file for fta satellite reception to satellite guy’s what’s up there section of the forums. If you have access to that, now you know. Go ahead and play around with it, maybe upload your own. tweak to your heart’s content. I’d put it out here too, but don’t want some stuff to scramble that’s not scrambled now.

21313 more tv channels… geesh.

There’s only 21313 more channels listed in the fcc’s website…  I might post rows 2000-21313 later, maybe after I get the links going to the ones I’ve posted so far.  My plan is to create links from the postings to the urls of the websites for each local channel if they exist.  Wikipedia and search engines will help me out with this.  Originally, I was just going to list the main big networks like fox, abc, cbs, etc., but am thinking a more localized listing might be nice for people to have since the fcc’s database does not link directly to local websites. 

This is a big project, and not something I plan to do overnight… I’ll work on it when I get a chance, and have free time (not a lot of that around)… Thought about trying to do this through google docs, but it can’t seem to handle this much info.  The blog can, but only if I do small chunks like 500 at a time… and even then I’m getting all sort of scipt not working error boxes I have to click through.  Not sure if this massive project is really worthwhile, but surely it’s useful for someone, somewhere.