– family photos and random other photos. The albums are password protected. If you are a family or friend you can contact me for the password(s). Please DO NOT resell or republish these photos. Have privacy issues there as well as copyright issues.


Jeff’s Turbosquid Shops

Jeff’s Turbosquid Shops are at

Jeff’s Zazzle Shops.

My Zazzle Shops can be found at Like the Cafe Press Shops, I have not put a lot of new stuff out there as I’m in the process of digitizing a lot of various old works before starting working on a lot of newer stuff. However, over time, I’ll be adding more as it’s created.

Cafepress Stores…

My Cafe Press Stores can be found at

I have not been working on putting up a lot more new stuff lately, mainly digitizing the older stuff to give it a home. Over time, I’ll start working on new stuff to go in there. Going to post a link to it in one of the main pages on this blog.