My wife has started selling Onesole Shoes. Ladies, if you want a shoe that’s versatile and can have over 1000 different looks to it with a snap, check out

(yours truly is working on it of course, so don’t have time to do a lot of drawing at the moment, but am reading Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain again, as well as the artists way at lunch, on breaks, etc., and also setting up my bedroom studio for doing encaustic painting – mixed up my first batch of encaustic mix suggested by John Dilsizian in Joanne Mattera’s book, The Art of Encaustic Painting, so look for more posts here in the near future last night – 50% beeswax, 25% paraffin and 25% microcrystalline – bought the beeswax at various state fairs and amish shops and farmer’s markets in the area over the last several years, the paraffin Gulf wax from various local grocery stores, and Microcrystalline from Swan’s Candles – Amazing how 10 lbs of that stuff is 22 bucks there now, but 1 lb of darmar is 10.80 and it both does practically the same thing as far as encaustic painting goes!)