Uses for sculpey

Most of you that follow me in the forums know I love sculpey.  It’s an amazing product because it stays soft for years unless you bake it… 

A few of the many uses I’ve found for the stuff:

– Keeping paint wet.  Are you an artist that paints?  Do you mix your paints on a pallete with little cups around the edges?  Grab a zip lock bag and put it on top of the cups when you are cleaning out the brushes and are ready to leave for the night (I use the gallon ones to cover more space), and then put a handful of sculpey on top of the bag and mold it around the cups to create what is basically an airtight seal on it.  Use the bag to keep the sculpey from going in to the paint.  I guess in theory you could put the sculpey in the paint itself since it’s oil based and acrylic is water based, but the bag makes things a lot nicer and cleaner.  Don’t use cheap bags… use ziplock since it’s got more watertight seal.

– Stress Relief.  It’s a lot like a stress relief ball.  You might want to put it in a baloon or something though since it does leave a residue on your hands… not enough to really be ‘dirty’ but enough that you will likely want to wash your hands before doing too much other stuff.

– Spacing/ventilation.  I love to put ‘feet’ made of sculpey on electronic equipment that gets hot.  Don’t do this for laptops since it may be way too hot there as it’ll make the stuff too soft and mushy, but for electronic equipment like cable boxes, satellite reception boxes, and other gizmos and gadgets that usually sit on desks and get warm to the touch it’s great. 

– blocking out light.  Got LED lights on your electronic gizmos and gadgets that are way too bright?  Put a dab of sculpey on top to create a filter.  You don’t have to block out all the light… really light application can act as a tint/shade that just dulls the light down a bit.  Many manufacterrs have gone to using LED but just don’t know how to make them dim enough to not hurt your eyes…

– Holding up things… I’ve used sculpey to hold up pie pans to help create reflectors for indoor rabbit ear type antennas in basements before… You can use it for all sorts of actual sculpture uses like this since this is what the stuff really is made to do.



The strange philosophy of EA and AE.

I’m not really sure I even want to post this, but think it’s something worth posting, and thinking about… This post will be edited later and more will likely be added since there’s a lot to talk about here…

EA was the diety of water

AE is a breathy sound that is very similar to what seems to be the way Yahweh is pronounced.  Yahweh is the name of God in the Jewish and Christian Religions…  The ‘breathe of life’ has a lot to do with this idea too. 

Both EA AND AE are very similar to sounds that man makes when he is urinating or defecating… ???…  the sound of the A at the end seems like it may be closer to the sound that comes when someone is breathing out while urinating and the E at the end the sound that is closer to what someone is making when straining to make a bowel movement?…  interesting connection – eh?

In Buddhism and other Eastern religions the ideas of breathing has a lot to do with a lot of things, and the idea of chi has a lot to do with it too… the idea is that Chi is stored inside of an area near the stomache – coincidence?

Adam was the ‘universal man.’  Surely the universal man occassionally had some flatulance, especially if he was eating apples sometimes.

Some new age ideas evolve around the idea that the sound MI (you know the sound after Do Rand RE in the musical scale) has some religious/philosophical/healing powers.  This is a tone/pitch that could be related to both EA and AE in some cases..?

The hoax/rumor/myth of Jabulon that’s online is an story about how freemasons tried to connect JAH, BAAL, and ON, i.e. Jah as in Yahweh (Jewish God), Baal (Lord/Master the Phoenician/Cannanite God) , and Osiris (Egyptian God)… it’s mostly false according to online sources… but it’s just an interesting idea that could be applied here… maybe all religions all basically have the same beginnings?

As the pressure is released the feeling of relief that comes may be what the original originators of the religions were inspired by and amplified as their thoughts of gods?

Blashemy?  Maybe… interesting connection/coincidence – maybe?  Just something to think about…

God be with you.


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