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Day 4!

Day Four!

For those wondering about what this is about – I’m trying to do the Beach Body Power 90… This is the 4th day in a row doing the workout. Goal is to do a solid 90 days (well there’s a ‘break’ day once a week but you get the idea.)

For those of you with no idea what the Power 90 is, it’s the program that is the original workout that came before the P90X that gets advertised on infomercials all the time. I eventually might move up to the P90x, but only time will tell. Right now, I just want to get through this first 90 days. I’ve had the tapes a few years, and started them now and then over the last couple of years, but usually ended up having to quit after a week or two for various reasons, and once I quit, I found it very difficult to start up again. This time, I’m going to go through the full 90 days for the first time ever. I know that I can do it. Just a matter of putting in the effort, getting up and doing it (I’m doing this in the morning before work).

I’m also going to try doing workouts after workouts at the gym after work to add to this now and then. I ultimately want to do that every day in addition to the morning workouts, but I’m not being as strict with this since life happens. I read an inspirational blog the other day that suggested when getting in to workouts, just focus primarily on one thing at a time, so that’s what I’m doing. Goal for now is to do the Power 90 workout in the morning.


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