“I don’t want it”


John Tesh
‏@JohnTesh 11 Jun
Learn to use the diet phrase “I don’t want to,” instead of “I can’t.” It makes you feel empowered instead of deprived. ‪#TESHsays‬

I’ve been trying to follow this advice lately and it does seem to help a LOT. John Tesh actually does have some interesting advice on occassion.

Something else that I’ve been doing to help along with the dieting is sort of ‘marking’ symbols along the path to help me stay on track. It’s sort of like putting little magical sign posts along the way where there’s evil and telling myself to get back on track. A few years back I did something like this but used cross bones and skulls on little pieces of paper that I stuck on vending machines, on gas station since convenience stores are a major temptation to eat bad, etc. This time round I’m using little targets instead of crossbones for a couple of reasons… First, ‘staying on target’ is a more positive message than the skull and cross bones. Also, it seemed too much like ‘marking my territory’ as a gang sign with crossbones, especially since the Pirate was my high school’s mascot. The targets really do help, and if they are placed strategically, only I know they are there since most everyone else just ignores them, doesn’t see them, etc. At gas stations, the little holsters above the tank where they put credit card applications is a nice little spot for this. Inside, the corners of candy and snack shelves is another place. On vending machines, if the thing is taped way back near the back where no one looks, no one but you notices. The crossbones on vending machine I put in the cafeteria at work 2 years ago is still there. It doesn’t always phase me, but maybe if I put a target up there too it will.

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