Fire in the sky is downtown permantly Read in the paper the other day that this change is permanent from now on… They had to move it out stadium because of MU’s move to the SEC causing the field having to be re-turfed this year. Good move. Interesting location to do it too. This is the garage I used to ‘live’ in a few years back for an hour or two every day since I had to wait for Tekla to get off work as we carpooled from Boonville back then and I got off work at 4:30 and she got off at 7 PM.

I’m no black magician or freemason, or anything like that, but do put some weird mystical association with that place… because it has a lot of meaning for me personally, but also because the place is like a shrine in the middle of the city…

Up top there is almost a pentagram of important places in the city linking to the place… sort of like a ley line junction of sorts if you will… No I don’t buy in to that hoaky magical idea, but do think lines and angles and stuff of that nature are important in the arts, and sciences, so there is some connection to that… Anyways, one one side, there’s a mosque not far away… Other side some of the prominent skyline from MU. Other side some the big buildings in downtown.. and a few other things. i thought about doing a panoramic from up there to show all of this a few years back but never got around to it…

Also the street address on it is sort of ‘mystical if you will’. Can’t remember the actual address but it’s something like 666 or 999 Locust street… I used to have a pic of it a long time back, but not sure I can find it in my photo folder at the moment since I’m moving some photos between computers, etc. Might have to make some more pics later.

All sort of comes together in weird way in my conspiracy mind after that weird conversation today with that mall prophet guy… and his talking about the Black Magic Sorcerers running Columbia, lol.

I know, I know, it’s all just pretend bullshit, but it does make an interesting story to blog about doesn’t it… or to write in to a fictional story someday… The fireworks were moved to the city’s major ley line rift, much like the way that Dr. Who’s blue box always parks in roughly the same location in London where the rift is, lol.

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