the mall prophet

met the ‘Mall Prophet’ today. Not sure he would want to be called that, but he called himself a prophet and he was at the mall so that’s my name for him…

Odd character. He approaches you as you sit to eat. Slowly easing in closer and closer… stays at a distance at first of 4 feet or so, and slowly works in closer, taking off his sunglasses near middle of the conversation, and eventually sitting at the table across from you, eventually leaning in.

He carries a boom box with him, sits near the windows up in front of the merry-go-round. He carries a big book bag too. He wears thick sunglasses is probably around 50 or 60 years old based on looks? He wears somewhat of a wild hawaiian type of shirt. I think he wants to approach people there at the mall, especially if they are alone and eating since they are easy prey to bring up a conversation with. Not sure how long he’ll be in this town since I think he’s a bit of a traveling sage type or makes himself out to be like that…?

Didn’t get his name but heard his speech for about 15 minutes… Didn’t really want it honestly…

lots of loony ideas but a good heart somewhat….

Claims he’s from Philidelphia and is working on getting to Colorado to meet an exorcist and that the drought and fires from it are Satan keeping him from this great meeting that will take place.

I was reading “System Failure” last night just for nostalgia… it’s a role playing game that I picked up in 1999, my last year of college, about y2k and the end of the world happening back then. Seems people think the world will always end, and then when their dates come by and the world still is moving forward, they guess a new date later on, etc.

Anyways, felt a bit like a Paladin getting a bit of training listening to this sage, like in that system failure game or in Diablo game or whatever…

He claimed that these are the Bible Verses that are important to read to prepare to learn faith and how important it will be when the new world order takes over in 2014 and we are under martial law, etc.

Jeremiah Chapter 23
Isaiah Chapter 8
Ezekiel Chapter 13
Ezekial Chapter 38-39
Book of James
Book of Hebrews

Other things in this little end of the world speech:
All of this stuff is about the timespan from December 1984 – 2012

Russia, Iran, Libya and Ethiopia are all involved

Columbia is run by a bunch of sorcerers using black magic.

St. Louis ghettos is where the evils infecting Columbia are originating from. He talked about the gangs and shootings lately around here and how close all of that is to the campuses, etc.

The guy on the overpass near Stadium that is always asking for money is ‘possessed’ because at a homeless shelter he said that he was going to hit and beat up this prophet guy.

The other side of the paper that he gave me had some scribblings that seem to be from another conversation he had with someone else a few days ago. It lists several things, and lists some states. Can’t quite read it, but might scan it later on… Ohio, Illiois, Kansas, CIA, and Wichiki or something and a few other words are on there?…

If the doomsday folks are already out everywhere it makes for some interesting conversation… not sure if any of it should be taken with a grain of salt, but it is some interesting conspiracy theories…

It also is dangerous because people that think that they are following what God is telling them to do is ok to do. That’s really dangerous because this guy seemed to be pretty racist, and very much against Obama. I think he said that there is a city of Obama in Russia and that’s where all the sorcerers get their power, etc. Couldn’t believe how much he was talking about Iran, and Muslims being bad and Yoga being evil and all of this since a Muslim lady was sitting about two tables over and he just kept looking at her during the conversation… I should have argued with some of his sayings and stuff, but when people are that far gone, it is pointless to tell them anything since their delusions will just make them louder and more adamant in what they are saying, etc.

Here’s a link to some interesting reading about this stuff that goes against this guy’s Russia will gain power theory – not saying I believe this site either, but just saying that for every prophetic idea someone has, someone else has the opposite idea… because believe it or not, WE CANNOT PREDICT THE FUTURE NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE MIGHT BELIEVE WE CAN.

Kinda sad that the mall where I did so many of the ‘mall small’ drawings enjoying the world and the people in it is now tainted by an infection like this.


The real ‘truth’ is that we can bring about Heaven on Earth NOW! I don’t care what religion you are. If you just open up and love you neighbor and be kind to others and enjoy God(s) creation you can help bring peace on earth in your corner of the world right this instant.

Too many people are worried about the life to come after death and not too concerned about the life they are in right now, this instant. That brings stress. That brings worry. That brings hatred, conspiracy ideas, people looking for trouble where there is none.

WAKE UP! YOU ARE ALIVE RIGHT NOW! ENJOY THIS TRUTH. Look at the beauty around you. I could spend hours and hours watching clouds go by — it’s like God’s little abstract painting, but much better than a painting since it’s in motion like an ongoing video that never ends. Enjoy the people around you. Don’t slam them out of your life because you don’t want to talk to them or think they have odd ideas. This prophet guy seems to have some quacky ideas, but I didn’t mind talking to him. We all should do that… get people opening up their lives to others… not hiding behind computer screens, ipads, cell phones, and walls, fearing gang violence, etc. Look at the beauty around you. There’s a little bunny that lives near our apartment. We see him sometimes. There’s lots of flowers near his home. There’s a small dog a neighbor has that lives most of his day not too far from him. He’s a cute puppy… Look at the textures on the ground under you feet right now… see the macro world. The ants near your picnic basket have their own little microcosm and it’s is wonderful – so wonderful Disney/Pixar did a movie on ants a few years back… look around at the macrocosm that surrounds you… look at the stars… Think about how many eyes through history have seen the skies above your head now. Look at all the stars moving in and out in space, both realistically, and also visually due to push/pull effect of the change in light/dark that your eyes see — your beautiful window in to your soul… a soul that is alive and living right now. The world is wonderful if you let it be… Will you?


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