day 44 – rest

I’m counting today as another rest day. I probably shouldn’t but I stayed up too late last night to allow myself enough time to get up too early this morning. Body probably needs some rest after introducing it back to work anyways since that’s a bit of a stressful thing after a week of vacation. The reason I stayed up too late last night – I discovered what Bluestacks is. It’s addicting, especially since I don’t have a tablet or smart phone…

News is talking about how bees are not producing honey since there’s no nectar due to the drought, etc. Kinda glad I don’t have a big enough apartment to allow myself room to do encaustic painting now because that will probably up the prices on bees wax even higher than it is normally (which is usually too high anyways).

Yesterday was Tekla’s first day of going back to school. She seems to enjoy it a lot.


staying motivated

I might add more links here in the future…

Day 42 is not so hot…

Day 42 Power 90. I started the day out bad by weighing in and found out that I’m 287.9 lbs, which is up 1.7 lbs since last weigh in 7/24/2012. I know why… We had several high carb things the last few days without a lot of exercise to work it off… Had half of a medium Shakespear’s Masterpiece Pizza last night, nachos when we went to see The Watch yesterday (that movie was not worth seeing in the theater, but we saw it there…), and a few other things from restaurants the last few days, including some pasta at Stephanina’s when we went to the zoo the other day…

Day 42 got worse when I started the cardio/abs III-IV tape today and got to the jumping jacks and a little past the first round of that when my lower hamstring near the back of my knee, and some of the muscles joining the upper and lower leg in that area started hurting very badly. About the same time my siaticca started acting up (that’s a nerve that issue that runs from outer edge of of the pelvis about where a belt goes that runs down to the front of the knee. In some people with inflammation issues that nerve sort of burns/stings sometiems, especially if jarred too much, etc. Between the two areas of pain I had to stop the workout. I will probably not do a workout tonight because of this and just hope there is no pain in tomorrows workout.

I guess one of the big lessons that Tony Horton teaches is to listen to your body, I am doing that now. I may not like what it says since it’s keeping me from a workout today, but I am listening…

Tomorrow it’s back to ‘regular’ routine since I’ll be going back to work. Maybe getting back to normal routine will help my body adjust to getting used to workout out again?…

Rest days…

yesterday was ‘officially’ supposed to be a ‘rest day.’ I went up and visited some family. However, it was a little bit of a cardio day since chasing the 5 year old nephew all over the zoo is a little bit of work.

Today we just got home a couple of hours ago so I’m considering today ‘rest’ day too. This is the first week since I’ve started the Power 90 that I did 2 rest days in a row. The book with the program says you are only supposed to have one day a week to rest… but since I plan to continue well past day 90, probably for life, I think a day or two of faltering is ok now and then. … The couple of days of rest probably doesn’t hurt me much since I may have not been giving body enough time to rest since I started these nightly workouts. I may have to go back to doing morning workouts to stay on track and not burn out?

I WILL get back on track tomorrow.

Day 38 Power 90

Day 38 of the Power 90 is now complete. I did the Level III-IV cardio/abs workout. Abs part of the workout was very difficult since I did the cardio workout last night that required some ab use. I did manage to do all of the Power Yoga again even though it’s still somewhat difficult. Got Flownase prescription filled yesterday so hopefully that will help with the breathing a little. Hard to workout hard when you are having difficult time breathing. Fall season is coming early this year since everything’s been so hot and dry lately.

Day 37!

Day 37 Power 90 Workout is now down for the count! Today’s workout was probably the ‘most interrupted’ ever. Had a call from my brother-in-law during the 7-7-7 pushups and had a conversation with my wife about 10 minutes before that before she headed out the door to do some errands. However, this workout is now knocked out. I had to go down to the 5 lb weights a lot more often than in past workouts when I was using the 10 lb ones because IO may be overdoing it with the ‘add on’ workouts at night. My wife is kindly suggesting that I stop the night workouts so that I give my body more time to repair. I am still on the fence about this since I really don’t want to tear my body down too much but feel the extra workout is needed to help with the calorie burn factor.

I probably should only be weighing in once a week, but weighed in again today because I’m wanting to verify the accuracy of the scale. So far it seems ok, so maybe that few days back when I ‘lost’ over 5 lbs overnight was right. Can’t imagine how it could be, but maybe it was?

Today’s weigh in results:
286.2 lbs.
Total lost since 7/22/2012 (the first weigh in day) = 1.5 lbs
Total lost since 6/24/2012 = 10.3 lbs

In the discussion with the Doctor yesterday, the doc said that loosing 4 lbs or more a month is considered a good step in right direction and any more than that is ‘excellent.’.. Loosing 1.5 lbs in 2 days may be too much in that case, so I’ll probably try to keep up the nightly workouts but if they get in the way I’ll drop them in a week or two. I do ‘feel the burn’ a little more than normal, and the nightly workout is probably the reason for that. If this level of ‘pain’ gets worse throughout the week it’ll probably be a sign that I should drop the nightly workouts.

Day 36 addon

Did a light cardio tape again tonight. I’ll keep doing this every night, switching up what I do so as to keep myself from being bored… I’m hoping this addon will cause calorie burn per day to essentially double since I want to get results and I want to get them now. Doing one workout a day is ok, but I want to be ‘active’ and one workout a day is barely starting to be there. Doing 2 a day is better so long as I space them out enough so one is in the morning and one is at night. As long as I don’t burn myself out, I should do ok. 🙂

Doctor has said in the past that one hour a day should be a ‘goal’ for me or anyone wanting to get active. These tapes are a little over or under 30 minutes each so two a day is not really ‘overdoing’ it I think.

Day 36 Power 90

Day 36’s Power 90 workout is now done. Did the Level III-IV Cario/abs/’sweat’ tape.

The ab workout was tough since I just ate lunch about 15 minutes before the workout. I find that this workout is much, much, much easier early in the morning when I haven’t eaten yet. I didn’t do it early this morning though because I had to go to the doctor appointment this morning. They did do a blood draw, so it’s a good thing I fasted. Last night before bed sugar was about 130 or a little lower so I didn’t want to risk ruining blood sugar and/or risk a sugar crash with a morning workout and/or cause a blood sugar spike with workout this morning since I’m told that working out causes blood sugar to increase temporarily as body is trying to make up for calories being burned by opening the flood gates and throwing sugar in to feed the body with energy as you work it.

I’ll probably do another cardio workout tonight.

day 35 add on…

Did a light cardio tape tonight. I’ll probably start doing that every night, switching up what I do so as to keep myself from being bored… tomorrow morning I go to the doctor and probably will end up getting A1C measured. We’ll see how that goes when the time gets here in the morning.

day 35 – lost more than I thought?

Day 35’s of the Power 90 is now done! I did the Circuit III-IV tape today. Somehow managed to get all the way through it without stopping. I did have to do some ‘girl’ push ups towards the end (where your knees are on the floor). Lunges seem to be getting easier.

Just for the heck of it, since I had such a high weight gain in last nights weigh in, I weighed in this morning and found that I am 287.7 lbs at the time of today’s weigh in. Either that means that last night’s weigh in was wrong, or that somehow I managed to lose 6.6 lbs overnight?!?!… I do sweat a lot and drink a ton of water, so if I did manage to lose that much it has to all be water weight for the most part I think?… Hopefully my scale is not off so far that it’s wrong because I’m relying on those numbers… On Monday I have a doctor appointment so I’ll keep track of what the doc says I weigh for comparison.

If today’s weigh in is right, I’m down 8.8 lbs since I began the weigh ins.

Day 34

Day 34 – it’s a little after 8:30 pm and I just got done with today’s cardio/ab III-IV workout. I’m feeling extremely exhausted and sore as hell. Back of Neck and abs are feeling it the most I think. I’m also having a bit of trouble breathing too… probably ate too much of the bad stuff today… We went to see the new batman movie and had our regular there – nachos and cheese… and then went out to Chili’s for supper after that. Cajun pasta there + ice cream afterwards was a heck of a lot of carbs just a few hours ago so all that in the stomach… mixed in the the ‘rough stuff’ — lettuce from the regular ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch, sunflower seeds for snacks, flax seed powder mixed in with breakfasts sometimes (although we other stuff for breakfast today)… it’s like a grinder in there… belching and getting heartburn type of stuff going on in workouts is not a good feeling… might cut back on sunflower seeds a bit going forward. It is a good idea, but I think I might overdo it as a snack too much…

The last couple of days doing nighttime routines has made me really want to just go ahead and get up early in the morning to do the workouts then since it seems like they are easier in the morning since body is not full of carbs, etc. I was reading in a blog or new story online somewhere – webmd I think?… the other day that morning routines are better for you since liver has less glucogen in it at that time. Also read in same article or a similar one that working out in morning is better since more people tend to stick with the morning routines as they become a part of their lives…

I do still plan on probably trying to do two workouts a day someday, probably sooner rather than later, but need to get ready for it mentally. Not sure if I am too sure yet. I’ll probably try to mix it up and do various cardio workouts at nights and stick with Power 90 mornings. Fit for duty seems to be a neat little video podcast from the Pentagon channel that might be one routine I work in. I’m not sure what else I’ll do, but maybe some of the dance tapes, Richard Simmons tapes and other things we have in our dvd rack from the last several years might get tried… just got to do something since the Power 90 is building me muscles but I’m not loosing a hell of a lot of weight yet very quickly… I weighed in on the last night… I was 294.3 lbs. That’s a gain of 5.1 lbs between 7/17/2012 and 7/21/2012! That leaves me at 2.2 lbs lost since I started weighing in on this thing… Trying to think back on eating habbits. The cake at the department meeting that I had two slices of was not smart… The biscuit and gravy and home fries the other day in the morning at work after the night of not much sleep before then was not too smart either (think that may have actually been the same darn day!)…

Bottom Line… I’m not loosing weight even though I am gaining definition simply because I eat too blasted much on occasion and don’t burn enough calories daily to make the difference up. In theory if I do a workout in morning and at night I should be able to bypass this since calorie burn per day will drastically increase.

A few years back there was a weight loss thing at work and me and a few coworkers did some bets and stuff… I won that by doing workouts in morning and night back then for about the 2 months that that went on… but then I quit it. I lost about 20-30 lbs back then in that… so I know this ol body can do two workouts a day. It’s just a matter of making myself do it and figuring out a way to look at it as a good and positive thing rather than as ‘torture’… right now I am mentally not sure if I can make myself think this, but I’m in hope that this can happen.

My art has become pretty non-existent since I’ve started this thing as art requires mental focus and lots of energy both physical and mental. I haven’t felt like I could do that after putting in the effort to do the workouts. I am going to try to overcome that hurdle too eventually… not sure I’m up for it yet, but will be someday. I used to walk to work many years ago and shoot photos along the way when I lived close enough to work to do that. I loved those ‘nature walks’ and many of my cloud photos and texture photos on turboquid came about because of that. I might try to get in to that sort of thing more as the nightly routine to give myself more variety and love for just doing some sort of exercise then, even if it is just walking around with a camera bending over to shoot ever few seconds, or aiming at sky, etc… those sort of movements are similar to some stretches in some yoga and tai chi type of workouts in some ways… I have a weighted vest but haven’t used it much. Doing those types of walks with that on could be in my future….

Either way… got to do more since this gaining 5 lbs in just a few days regularly is not acceptable.

This upcoming week I’m burning some vacation before I loose it, so we are having a little bit of a ‘staycation.’ Because of that I need to probably try to work in this workout twice a day thing now so as to get myself in to the swing of it before getting back to regular going to work 40 hour a week thing starts back up… the next few days are going to be crucial in trying to get this to work both mentally and physically.

Other than fit for duty, I added a bunch of of other podcasts from itunes to the roku’s favorites today. The Parkour Office Hours podcast seemed pretty interesting even though I’m not much of PK guy (yet).

Back in college I did do a little bit of that but it wasn’t called that back then…

I ran barefoot around campus… actually around the town near the campus too… got to where I was jogging about 2 miles barefoot back then across gravel roads, pavement, etc. Very stupid stuff looking back on it since it could have massively screwed up my feet, but that’s what I did back then… figured if the indians could do it I could too… Also go to where I’d do tons of crunches back then… I’d basically just do them for about 15 minutes nonstop after the barefoot runs… really stupid looking back now since I read an article or three the last month or two that say you can’t isolate like that since focusing on just abs and not back will cause there to be too much pressure… sort of like imagining muscles and skin as skin on a drum… or canvas on a stretcher… pull too tight on one side and you’ll punch a hole in the other side… or back to the rubber band reference… pull too much on one side and you’ll stretch the other side to a point where it breaks eventually… got to keep all sides equally pressurized so as to not break… breaking is not good when you are talking about your body… this good ol bodies can only be repaired in so many ways… got to take care of your body…

more silly college pk type junk… Regularly jumped down stairwells, etc. back then just for the heck of it (guess that’d be for lulz using todays lingo or for shits and grins using yesterday’s)… I lived in the third floor of a residence hall back then and stairwell was usually empty most of the time… so I just grabbed the banister and sort of hurled my body over it down a flight of step and did that to the bottom – one hop per floor. Eventually added more manuevers to that over time… got to where I would literally sort of climb the middle of the banisters like a ladder both up and down too, etc…. later that semester I bought my first roller blades and crashed big time going down one of the biggest hills in Kirksville on campus (the sidewalk on the hill above the ‘red barn park’ that goes down towards the barn and across the little stream there… I missed the bridge and screwed up my knees fairly badly then… that made me stop the working out and stuff back then… and I’ve never really gotten back to working out regularly since that time until that weight thing at work a couple of years after that… and now.

Before that college episode I did some sports in high school… but not too much of it… I was on the track team and did the shot put and discus throws, and the ‘fat man’s relay’ – the 4×100 relay that us shotput and discus folks did on occasion. There was also one semester that I did wrestling in high school and I loved that but didn’t stick with it since I was forced in to having to pick up a part time job back then to help pay for the car, etc. Hated that job. I washed dishes for the hospital… Puree spinach has to be the grossest stuff on the face of the earth to clean or look at.

Basically what I’m getting at is that I’ve never really been ‘in shape’ much for extended periods of time in my entire life. I plan to change that now, going forward… and I know I can do it… and I really ‘must’ do it because, as John Tesh would say, “I want to” do it… so I “don’t want” to keep following the bad habbits of overeating, eating too many carbs, and not exercising enough to burn more calories than I’m taking in.

Yep, next few days are crucial.

Day 33

Day 33 almost slipped by without a workout, but I just got it in. It’s now a little after 10:30 pm.

This morning I got up later than normal because I had trouble breathing last night before I went to bed. I ended up having to use some a zicam nasal spray to get my nasals opened wide enough that going to bed didn’t feel like my lungs were getting pressed to death. The zicam took about an hour and a half to reall kick in and do the job so by then it was in the wee hours of the morning so I just couldn’t get up at the normal workout time this morning without being a complete zombie and probably falling asleep at work today…

so I slept in. Then after work there was a little family get together – did pretty good on not overeating too much at that even though I did eat two cookies. However, I way overdid the carbs today since I had some biscuits and gravy with a side of home fries at work this morning and had way too much caffeine to make up for the lack of sleep. I had a sugar free amp, a few diet dews and at least one diet dew in a 32 oz cup…

I am still taking the flax seed as an addition to cereal and some other stuff and using sunflower seeds (non-salted, deshelled) as a snack. I’m also sometimes going towards using crackers and cheese as a healthy snack too.

The workout tonight was the Level III-IV Circuit/Sculpt. It was a tough workout since I did about the first half of the workout using 10 lb weights instead of the 5 lb weights I’ve been using up til now. I also made myself go through all of the squat/lunge combos. I could only do about half of them the last time. This was tough, but I feel the burn so I know I’m on the right path. Next week I’m on vacation so I may not get up as early but will still keep up the workouts. Wrist is burning and ankles are burning a little due to the wrist lifts and heel raises, but nothing that I won’t come back from.

It’s going to be interesting seeing what happens over the next 30-60 days and beyond.

Day 32 – rest day

Today is Day 32 on the Power 90. Even though it’s the middle of the week, I’m going to use today as a ‘rest day’ since I was up multiple times throughout the night… I’m a light sleeper and the wind’s been rocking the walls and windows all night long. I think I hear thunder in the distance. Maybe the ‘drought’ is over. We’ve had 90+ temperatures for about 2 weeks every day around here lately. Just yesterday or the day before every county in the state was declared a disaster area so that farmers can start getting some settlements and stuff to help fix the problems all this dry hot days have been bringing to their crops.

Grass everywhere is yellow already around here. Fires have been happening a lot more often due to the heat according to the news. Wild fires in areas that don’t normally get them is a pretty darn dangerous situation.

Day 31 – Back to the Circuit!

Day 31 workout is done now. I went back to the III-IV circuit today. I was not able to do all of the squat lunges, and am not sure I wanted to really since that’s what screwed up my legs last time I tried this tape. I did about half of them though, so I’ll do a few more next time, and just build up to it. I feel great having accomplished this after the problems last time.

Last night, I cancelled the arc. I had to do so for several reasons. One of the main reasons if a financial one. Tekla’s going back to school so we need to free up a few bucks a month where we can. Dropped Netflix and Hulu about a month ago. We’ll drop more stuff where we can when we need to if we need to. I also cancelled the arc because I have not been going much since I started this Power 90. I do still need to start up doing some sort of cardio at night though, so I probably will start doing more stuff like taking long walks or jogs at night, and/or finding some non-power 90 type of cardio workout at night. Tekla has a few dance, yoga, and tae bo tapes from a few years back and I have plex on the roku and have found a few various workout tapes in some of the channels in that thing, so will just need to look around for something that works well. Not sure exactly what but I’ll figure out something.


Well, day 90 is here. I didn’t really want to post videos here, but feel it might be the best way to do things since photos are really only give you so much of the picture. I really don’t like the results since they are not as great as I was hoping for them to be by now, but here are the videos… I am posting the videos now more or less for compare/contrast results for later at days 60 and 90….

BEFORE POWER 90 – shot 4/10/2012 (so it actually is a while before I started on doing the daily workouts consistently… I really ‘started’ the day after Father’s Day, June 18th. (We had a family get together on June 17th). I have some other video that is closer to Memorial Day, etc., but this one has the best lighting.

AFTER 30 DAYS OF POWER 90 (shot this morning, 7/17/2012 – lighting is not so great since it’s still dark outside)

I’m going to do the Cardio/Abs routine now as today’s workout in a few minutes… if I still have enough time — I should have time, just might be rushed as I make lunch and get a shower, etc. before work since it’s a few minutes later than I normally workout in the mornings. Got up earlier today than normal to make time to make the video before the workout.

I see the most difference in viewing the videos in the amount of flab in my back, etc. The results for day 60 should be better since I am starting up the level III-IV tapes some and am probably going to start going tot he arc after work starting Wednesday…

Today’s weight is 289.2 lbs, which is up .6 lbs since July 14th… but is 7.3 lbs down since 6/24/2012. The weight gain does not surprise me much since I’ve started eating sunflower seeds and flax seeds the last few days. Those are dense protein and carbs, but are supposed to help you lose weight ultimately since they make you feel more full, etc.

Day 29 of Power 90

Day 29’s workout has now been completed. Did the Level I-II Circuit Tape today. Shoulder fly exercise put a bit of a strain on my neck/shoulders since I stuck with the 5 lb weight for them (usually switch to one lb weight up til now), but it’s not all that bad. I’ll probably stick with this level of circuit at least this week, maybe next week too. Someday before day 60 I will probably switch up to the level III-IV of this part of the program. I’ve already moved up to the III-IV cardio abs on the alternate days (the workouts session involved doing cardio/abs/’sweat’ tape one day and then circuit/’sculpt’ tape on the other days) and the III-IV cardio abs gets me sweating. I still have not been able to do all of the power yoga yet all the way through, but am getting closer. I got through to the sun pose yesterday before having to give up before my muscles couldn’t take it. There’s only one other basic pose after that, which is the warrior, so I am getting better than I was a week or two ago. Tomorrow will be day 30!… that’ll be 1/3 of the way through the program. I won’t ‘quit’ after 90 days though… This is really just the beginning of a new lifestyle I plan to stick with for life.

Day 27

Day 27 of the Power 90 is complete now. I just did Level I-II Circuit/sculpt tape a few minutes ago. I went with the 5 lb weights and on some of the exercises that’s tough enough. I still don’t think I’m ready for the III-IV tape yet, and may not be a couple of weeks, but the workout is not impossibly difficult so I’ll get there eventually.

Weight Lost so far…

In a recent comment someone asked me to post some numbers. On Tuesday it will have been 30 days that I have been doing the Power 90. My results have not been super spectacular but part of the reason for that is that the 4th of July Holiday and my mother’s birthday, along with the huge celebration in my hometown known as Heritage Days that always is right around the time of her birthday, fall in to some of the days that I’ve been doing this. I know that’s no excuse, but family get togethers are definitely one of my biggest problems with over-eating. It’s very difficult to stay in a 45-55 carb budget for meals when there’s a whole buffet of food that people have carried in and you are likely to get questions, comments etc. if you say you didn’t sample some of whatever whoever brought in, etc.

I was kinda scared to do a post like this since it’s sort of embarrassing to put the real numbers out here for the entire world to see just how freaking fat I am, etc., but I don’t plan to stay this weight any longer, just go down in weight from here.. so here goes…

I just did a weigh in again a few minutes ago. Right now I’m sitting at 288.6 Lbs. That’s a loss of 7.9 Lbs since June 24th and a loss of 7.5 lbs since last week.

Last week was a bad week because of the Forth of July. On the July 8th weigh in I was down only .04 lbs since June 24th because I had actually gained 4 lbs that week! About 90% of that was due to the two family get togethers.

I have not been measuring my sugar level every single day. However on the days that I have been, I have been seeing them drop. Back in June when I started it was normal to see the level at 170+ in the morning before breakfast (although some of that may have been skewed since part of it was measured after the workouts, and I’m told that working out actually increases your sugar level temporarily), around the first week of July it was typically around 150 or so. The last few days it’s been closer to 130-140 range.

When I first was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago, I was very good about measuring portion size, and working out and walking on breaks, etc. However, I fell off of the bandwagon for various reasons. Doing the Power 90 it is my goal to get back in to that, and I’m slowly getting there.

Below is a chart which on of my doctors printed up for me back in 2011 that I added some info too that sort of shows the weight losses that I had around the time that I was diagnosed with diabetes and some of the various traumas and stuff going on in my life that caused me stress which caused me to not diet or exercise as much….

I’m just a little bit above the lowest part of the dip there since my weight today is 288.6, which converts to 130.90675798200002 lbs. If I had a chart like that printed today it’d show major increase in weight with a new downward trend since I started the power 90 showing it going down again quickly. However, this time I am not going to let it go back up again!…

Going forward, I have no plans to go back up to where I was or where I am today. My ultimate goal is to get to my target BMI Weight. I have no idea how long it will take me to get there, but I’d like to get there at least one time in my adult life. Once I get there, plan to stay there!…

Why do I blog about all of this stuff? It’s because it helps me stay mentally focused on the target and helps me stay accountable. I could just put all of this stuff in an excel file and keep it for my eyes only, but if I did that, I’d probably fall off the bandwagon again, and I have no plans on doing that… so I keep the excel file. I keep this blog, and I write down my progress in notebooks too. Back in elementary school teachers always said that you reinforce what you learn if you come across it at least three times… They did that by making us read the material, hear it in classes, and write about it as well as talk about too… With the blog here, the notebook, and the excel file I’m keeping track of all of this at least three times so as to keep it sharply in my mind where I am and where I’m heading every single day so that I don’t stray too far away from my goals since I actually do plan to achieve success this time around!

Do I sleep walk?

Do I sleep walk? I didn’t used to think so, but lately I’ve been finding myself waking up without my bipap machine mask on at various times. I put the thing on when I go to sleep every night, but then wake up, either in the morning or in the middle of the night and it’s not on. Makes me curious how that happens. I guess I must either sleep walk or get up to go to the bathroom or something and just forget to put it back on when I go back to bed, and then later forget doing that?… Kinda strange, but nothing I’m too concerned about. A few years back it would have concerned me, but since I’ve studied a lot about how the brain works, and dreaming works, and since I have experienced what I call right-brain episodes from time to time, it really does not bother me nowadays. Just makes me curious about what is happening… and/or why?…

What is a right-brain episode… For me it’s a time when I get so involved in art related thinking when I’m focused on painting, or some other art related type of project that I loose the ability to remember things. It’s almost like I enter a get a temporary case of Alzheimer’s or something
but it’s not as serious as a fugue state. and it’s not real alzheimers because it does not last long…and mainly impacts only short term memories… I literally forget where I put things just a few minutes ago, hours ago, days ago, but can remember memories from many years ago with more vivid clarity than I normally can when I enter a right-brain episode. It also makes me a bit jumpy sometimes, kind of like when you get too tired and start sort of dreaming and thinking spiritually. and a bit primatively tribal, etc. when you are sort of still awake.. your brain starts playing tricks on you… you hear the creaks in the walls and start thinking you are hearing sounds that could be voices when no one is there, etc… typically the voices are mental replays of what I heard earlier in the day, or sometimes a day or two before, etc… sounds from tv shows, radio stations, etc. replaying themselves, etc. I used to get really bad about that back in college (hard to believe that was over 12 years ago) when I would pull all nighters doing paintings or other art projects, only to find myself in a big spooky building all by myself at 3:00 am in the morning the night before a 8:00 class the next day, etc.

Alzheimers is something that runs in my family, so it makes me worry about the future a bit.

Here’s a couple of interesting links about right and left brain topics…

Day 26 of Power 90

Day 26 of Power 90 is done! I did the Level III-IV cardio abs workout today. I’m still have a little trouble with the bunny hops and jumping jacks so half of the time since the muscles on back of my legs are taking all of that impact too hard so I do those by doing the cross work cross walks in speed motion when doing those a little. I still also have a bit of trouble doing the power yoga, but I can get through to the last poses before I have to take a break on that. I am able to get my legs to go through in the yoga more than I could a couple of weeks ago. I used to not be able to hardly ever do that since there was just too much gut in the way and not enough leg muscle to make it work right, so things are improving. Calves are burning a little now, but I can come back from that fairly quickly. It’s only when quads get burned like the other day that I have trouble coming back since those are muscles that were getting stretched too hard that I never use so they didn’t bounce back like a rubber band like they should….

Speaking of rubber bands, I’ve come to think of this whole process in terms of a rubber band metaphor since our bodies are indeed like rubber bands… stretch it too far and it breaks. Stretch it a little and it bounces right back in to shape in no time… Treat it bad and set it out in the sun all day and it’ll become brittle and break. Flex the right way and treat it good and it’ll last for years and decades to come. I’ve also started putting a couple of rubber bands around my wallet so as to remind myself when I think I need snacks and junk food that I don’t really want that…

Day 25!

Day 25 of the Power 90 is done! I went back to the Level I-II Circuit/Sculpt Tape today. Tomorrow I will try to do the Level III-IV Cardio Abs Again. I am hoping that the III-IV Circuit is what caused my leg problem a couple of days ago, and that I might be able to bypass it by just doing the I-II Circuit another week or more while moving on to the higher level tape on the Cario/abs. If I find the cardio tape to be too much I might have to go back to I-II on that too, but hopefully that won’t be the case.

Since it’s the middle of the week I might not re-try adding the arc again til next week. I’m in hopes that when I do the arc every day after work it will get my stamina and leg strength back up tot he level it needs to be where I can advanced to next level on Circuit.

day 24…

Day 24…. I’m going to not do the workout today or go to the arc. My leg is still a little sore from whatever it is that I did yesterday. I am thinking of today as a ‘rest day’. In theory, there’s supposed to be one rest day per week with Power 90… Hopefully I’ll be able to just count today as a rest day and be able to work out the rest of the week. After this little mishap I’ll probably go back to the Level I-II workout tapes for at least another week or two before trying the level III-IV again… My body isn’t ready for that yet. I may even just do all 90 days on level I-II and just keep upping the weights as I do that?… We’ll see what happens. Right now I just don’t want to overdo it again and hurt myself. I really want to do this thing all the way through if I can.

Hamstring is strung!…

My Hamstring is strung… I think I pulled a muscle or three in the back of my leg doing all those squats in this morning’s workout, so I won’t be going to the arc tonight. I will try to do the workout in the morning though and hopefully heal up by then enough that it isn’t in this amount of pain. I’ve had somewhat lactic acidy feeling muscles in all of my body the last couple of days with this tougher phase III-IV workouts, but for the most part that all heals up fairly quickly. This hamstring thing is a more intense level of pain. I think part of it is that I probably strained a muscle but another part is that there’s not been much ‘healing’ time since the workout due to the fact that I’m in an office chair all day at work. Hopefully it’ll be ok by tomorrow so I can get at it again. I had a snack of some cashews today and sunflower seeds yesterday, so that extra boost of sodium may be doing something that’s causing the pain too?!?…

Day 23 of Power 90!

Day 23 of the Power 90 was today. Today was the first day I did the level III-IV Circuit/Sculpt Tape. I’m feeling the burn today. The increase in number of squats and pushups is intense. My calves were hurting a little last night so hopefully I won’t be in too much pain today. My lower back is feeling it today after those arm and leg lifts. Hopefully it’ll help more than it’ll hurt me.

Last Night I did go to the Arc for a little workout. I did about 15 minutes on the elliptical machine, 1 set of 20 axe exercises on each side with a medicine ball and a little walking a couple of laps to cool down. Axe exercise is where you put medicine ball on left shoulder and then bend down to put the ball on the outside of the right calf and vice versa. Read about that as an olympic swimmers type of exercise a few days back. Seemed like a good workout for the abs, back, etc.

I don’t know if I’ll go to the arc tonight or not, but seeing my sugar level below 130 (it was 129) this morning before the workout was nice, and I think the arc had something to do with that. The last few weeks when I’ve measured it was over 150 in the morning. Of course, some of those readings may have been skewed since some of them were done after the morning workouts. My wife did some reading and found that sugar goes up artificially after working out… so now I’m going to measure before the workout if I measure (I should but don’t every day since I’m not insulin dependent yet, and hopefully won’t be since I’m hoping that all this working out over next few months is going to get me where I don’t need the metformin either)

Day 22!

Day 22 of the Power 90 is done. Today is the first day at the level III-IV. The workout today (cardio/abs) was not all that much harder than the I-II level, but it was much faster paced. Also the ab ripper part was a hell of a lot more intense… doubling the number of crunches, etc. is a hell of an increase. However, I managed to get through it somehow even though my abs were definitely feeling the burn. I did it though, so I can do this and I will do it! I’m not sure if I’ll make it to arc tonight or not since this was a major increase in the workout. I need to allow my body some time to heal before I rip it to shreds again (did you know that your muscles are actually built in between workouts as your body heals from the abuse you put it through? Don’t rest enough and it can’t heal enough so you will never make any progress if you overdo it – which is why a lot of people, myself included, in the past have overdone it and burned out way too fast)

some high carb counts…

Included are two medium rectangular one-topping pizzas, eight wings and five breadsticks -– all customizable and, according to the Huffington Post, clocking in at more than 5,000 calories.

Two medium, one-topping pizzas. Eight wings. Five breadsticks with marinara sauce. Pizza Hut’s new Big Dinner Box ($19.99) is a big dinner indeed. We’re guessing — and hoping — that this Big Dinner is meant for more than one person. HuffPost Food estimates that the total calorie count of this Big Dinner rings in at over 5,000 calories.

Kurt Kane, Pizza Hut Chief Marketing Officer said in a press release that Pizza Hut was breaking ground “by offering our first ever pizza value box because we know that our customers need a value-conscious option that can feed a crowd during the holidays.”

The deal was launched in preparation for today, the company-dubbed “Red Roof Wednesday,” the night before Thanksgiving when no one wants to cook or have a pile of dirty dishes. Pizza Hut anticipates selling 2.4 million pounds of pizza today, which is equivalent to the weight of 151,000 Thanksgiving turkeys. Now that’s a lot of Big Dinners.

Since I ate half of it, that’s about 2500 calories that that one meal was! Geesh! Well at least 4 pieces of the pizza were left from Friday that were still in the fridge today… Had 2 for supper tonight, so it’s not as bad as the above sounds, especially since it was a screwed up order a little, but still, not gonna do that again. That’s way too many damn carbs. For average male my age, height, etc. I should only take in about 45-55 grams of carbohydrates per meal.

Day 21 :(

Day 21 – Rest Day on the Power 90. I did a wii weigh in tonight and the results are not good… I am still down from when I started, but went up a bit this week in weight. The reason is definitely 100% diet issues. That pizza hut box meal the other night + pancakes today at my sister-in-law’s house for breakfast with real syrup (not sugarfree) definitely is a gigantic amount of carb intake. At least I’m still down below the weight I was when I started this process…

Tomorrow is a new day… and this week I can hopefully balance this setback out by doing workouts in the evening as well as in the mornings. 🙂

EDIT: did 15 minute workout on Jillian’s Micheals 2009 wii game tonight. Tomorrow I’m also probably going to try going to the III-IV tapes on the Power 90… Basically it’s the same as the I-II but with a few more reps, etc… The ab ripper goes for 10 exercises with 20 reps for 200 total instead of 100 like the I-II tape.

Day 20!

Day 20 of the Power 90 is out of the way now! I did have a little heartburn during the workout today though since I had pizza hut last night. God knows how many calories that was… bad move. Guess we’ll see what the weigh in says tomorrow… Working on portion control is something I need to do more when it comes to diet…

Day 19

Day 19 of the Power 90 is out of the way now. I really love this new lifestyle. It is tough, but it’s not that tough, and it is something that I WANT to do, and know that I need to do and MUST do…. Hard to believe that I can do it, but I can and I am, and the transformation is amazing. I should have done this years ago. However, no regrets. I can only control today and the future, and what a future it will be! 🙂

(went with the 5 lb weights on circuit today instead of the 4.8 lb weights – will probably stick with 5 lbs a couple of weeks since I feel the burn…)

18th day of Power 90 is done!

18th day is done now. I’m still on the Level I-II dvd since I’m not ready to move up to the next level yet. Yesterday was the first day that I used a 4.8 lb weight on the circuit all the way through all the exercises on that tape. Prior to that I was using a 1 lb weight on some of the exercises. I eventually want to keep upping the weights on circuit til I get to 35 lbs, but am not sure if I’ll do that all the way through on the first dvd or try moving to second dvd.

Circuit was really tough today since I took it easy most of the day yesterday, and probably ate a little much for supper last night even though I really didn’t have much of a breakfast since I got up so late and we just had a brunch sort of thing in the morning.

As far as the weights go… the one lb weights I’m using are actually sandbag weights out of a Gold’s gym weight vest I bought at Wal-Mart a few years back. If you are needing one lb weights for working out, this is a great source for those… The vest has a bunch of pockets in it and each has a one lb sandbag in it. Advantage of this sort of thing instead of just buying light weight weights is that eventually when you are ready to move up to tougher workouts later on, you can just suit up in the vest for doing some walking or jogging or other types of workouts and off you go…

excessive water = electrolyte imbalance?

Drinking too much water can be a bad thing. This is something that I might need to watch out for more since I’m known to drink 2-5 54 oz glasses of water in the afternoon somedays!

Excess water in the body can be a dangerous symptom of many other diseases. If you have too much water in your body, it can upset the balance of your electrolytes or nutrients, play havoc with your blood pressure and put too much strain on your heart. Your doctor can prescribe you diuretics or water pills to help move fluid off your body to restore this delicate balance. If you suspect you have too much fluid in your body, it is best to see your doctor so that he can evaluate you for an underlying cause.

Excess water can result in the accumulation of edema or swelling. There are actually many signs of edema that go beyond just swollen legs. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, you can experience shortness of breath, abdominal bloating, coughing, changes in your mental states and aches and pain in your muscles. You may notice that your arms and legs are swollen, and you can push your finger into the skin to make a divot. This is known as “pitting edema” and is another sign of too much water.

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Another way to have too much water in the body is to drink too much water too quickly. This can lead to a dilution of sodium or hyponatremia. According to Southwestern Medical Center, long-distance runners are at risk of this because they drink too much water and do not replace the salts lost by sweating. Often, sports drinks do not have enough to replace the lost salts, either, and this can lead to an imbalance of sodium. Symptoms of hyponatremia include seizures, fatigue and trouble breathing.

Kidney Failure
One of the primary diseases that cause too much water to build up in the body is chronic kidney failure. The kidneys are responsible for regulating the amount of water in the body by excreting the fluids that are not needed. They also regulate the electrolytes that can control how much water stays in the body or leaves it. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, if your excess water is caused by a kidney problem, you may need to regulate the amount of sodium and potassium in your diet while limiting the amount of fluid you drink.

Read more:

Day 16 – Done

Just knocked out Day 16 of the Power 90. Upper chest is starting to see some definition now. Calves keep getting very tight at random times during the day, especially before bed. I think I may need to start going to the arc (area recreations center) at night. I think I might start that in 2 days since tomorrow is the 4th of July and I’m not sure they are even open then. Sugar is still a bit high today, but it’s not super high, and I know why it’s high… Last bowl of ice cream was last night. Not going to buy any more. Need to back off of caffeine too since I think it makes muscles more constricted then they need to be during the day. Hard to not have it though since I’m getting up so early to do these work outs. Need to probably go to bed earlier most nights. Hard to do since I’m kind of a night owl.