Day 16 – Done

Just knocked out Day 16 of the Power 90. Upper chest is starting to see some definition now. Calves keep getting very tight at random times during the day, especially before bed. I think I may need to start going to the arc (area recreations center) at night. I think I might start that in 2 days since tomorrow is the 4th of July and I’m not sure they are even open then. Sugar is still a bit high today, but it’s not super high, and I know why it’s high… Last bowl of ice cream was last night. Not going to buy any more. Need to back off of caffeine too since I think it makes muscles more constricted then they need to be during the day. Hard to not have it though since I’m getting up so early to do these work outs. Need to probably go to bed earlier most nights. Hard to do since I’m kind of a night owl.

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