18th day of Power 90 is done!

18th day is done now. I’m still on the Level I-II dvd since I’m not ready to move up to the next level yet. Yesterday was the first day that I used a 4.8 lb weight on the circuit all the way through all the exercises on that tape. Prior to that I was using a 1 lb weight on some of the exercises. I eventually want to keep upping the weights on circuit til I get to 35 lbs, but am not sure if I’ll do that all the way through on the first dvd or try moving to second dvd.

Circuit was really tough today since I took it easy most of the day yesterday, and probably ate a little much for supper last night even though I really didn’t have much of a breakfast since I got up so late and we just had a brunch sort of thing in the morning.

As far as the weights go… the one lb weights I’m using are actually sandbag weights out of a Gold’s gym weight vest I bought at Wal-Mart a few years back. If you are needing one lb weights for working out, this is a great source for those… The vest has a bunch of pockets in it and each has a one lb sandbag in it. Advantage of this sort of thing instead of just buying light weight weights is that eventually when you are ready to move up to tougher workouts later on, you can just suit up in the vest for doing some walking or jogging or other types of workouts and off you go…

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