Day 21 :(

Day 21 – Rest Day on the Power 90. I did a wii weigh in tonight and the results are not good… I am still down from when I started, but went up a bit this week in weight. The reason is definitely 100% diet issues. That pizza hut box meal the other night + pancakes today at my sister-in-law’s house for breakfast with real syrup (not sugarfree) definitely is a gigantic amount of carb intake. At least I’m still down below the weight I was when I started this process…

Tomorrow is a new day… and this week I can hopefully balance this setback out by doing workouts in the evening as well as in the mornings. šŸ™‚

EDIT: did 15 minute workout on Jillian’s Micheals 2009 wii game tonight. Tomorrow I’m also probably going to try going to the III-IV tapes on the Power 90… Basically it’s the same as the I-II but with a few more reps, etc… The ab ripper goes for 10 exercises with 20 reps for 200 total instead of 100 like the I-II tape.

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