Day 22!

Day 22 of the Power 90 is done. Today is the first day at the level III-IV. The workout today (cardio/abs) was not all that much harder than the I-II level, but it was much faster paced. Also the ab ripper part was a hell of a lot more intense… doubling the number of crunches, etc. is a hell of an increase. However, I managed to get through it somehow even though my abs were definitely feeling the burn. I did it though, so I can do this and I will do it! I’m not sure if I’ll make it to arc tonight or not since this was a major increase in the workout. I need to allow my body some time to heal before I rip it to shreds again (did you know that your muscles are actually built in between workouts as your body heals from the abuse you put it through? Don’t rest enough and it can’t heal enough so you will never make any progress if you overdo it – which is why a lot of people, myself included, in the past have overdone it and burned out way too fast)

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