Day 23 of Power 90!

Day 23 of the Power 90 was today. Today was the first day I did the level III-IV Circuit/Sculpt Tape. I’m feeling the burn today. The increase in number of squats and pushups is intense. My calves were hurting a little last night so hopefully I won’t be in too much pain today. My lower back is feeling it today after those arm and leg lifts. Hopefully it’ll help more than it’ll hurt me.

Last Night I did go to the Arc for a little workout. I did about 15 minutes on the elliptical machine, 1 set of 20 axe exercises on each side with a medicine ball and a little walking a couple of laps to cool down. Axe exercise is where you put medicine ball on left shoulder and then bend down to put the ball on the outside of the right calf and vice versa. Read about that as an olympic swimmers type of exercise a few days back. Seemed like a good workout for the abs, back, etc.

I don’t know if I’ll go to the arc tonight or not, but seeing my sugar level below 130 (it was 129) this morning before the workout was nice, and I think the arc had something to do with that. The last few weeks when I’ve measured it was over 150 in the morning. Of course, some of those readings may have been skewed since some of them were done after the morning workouts. My wife did some reading and found that sugar goes up artificially after working out… so now I’m going to measure before the workout if I measure (I should but don’t every day since I’m not insulin dependent yet, and hopefully won’t be since I’m hoping that all this working out over next few months is going to get me where I don’t need the metformin either)

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