Hamstring is strung!…

My Hamstring is strung… I think I pulled a muscle or three in the back of my leg doing all those squats in this morning’s workout, so I won’t be going to the arc tonight. I will try to do the workout in the morning though and hopefully heal up by then enough that it isn’t in this amount of pain. I’ve had somewhat lactic acidy feeling muscles in all of my body the last couple of days with this tougher phase III-IV workouts, but for the most part that all heals up fairly quickly. This hamstring thing is a more intense level of pain. I think part of it is that I probably strained a muscle but another part is that there’s not been much ‘healing’ time since the workout due to the fact that I’m in an office chair all day at work. Hopefully it’ll be ok by tomorrow so I can get at it again. I had a snack of some cashews today and sunflower seeds yesterday, so that extra boost of sodium may be doing something that’s causing the pain too?!?…

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