day 24…

Day 24…. I’m going to not do the workout today or go to the arc. My leg is still a little sore from whatever it is that I did yesterday. I am thinking of today as a ‘rest day’. In theory, there’s supposed to be one rest day per week with Power 90… Hopefully I’ll be able to just count today as a rest day and be able to work out the rest of the week. After this little mishap I’ll probably go back to the Level I-II workout tapes for at least another week or two before trying the level III-IV again… My body isn’t ready for that yet. I may even just do all 90 days on level I-II and just keep upping the weights as I do that?… We’ll see what happens. Right now I just don’t want to overdo it again and hurt myself. I really want to do this thing all the way through if I can.

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