Day 25!

Day 25 of the Power 90 is done! I went back to the Level I-II Circuit/Sculpt Tape today. Tomorrow I will try to do the Level III-IV Cardio Abs Again. I am hoping that the III-IV Circuit is what caused my leg problem a couple of days ago, and that I might be able to bypass it by just doing the I-II Circuit another week or more while moving on to the higher level tape on the Cario/abs. If I find the cardio tape to be too much I might have to go back to I-II on that too, but hopefully that won’t be the case.

Since it’s the middle of the week I might not re-try adding the arc again til next week. I’m in hopes that when I do the arc every day after work it will get my stamina and leg strength back up tot he level it needs to be where I can advanced to next level on Circuit.

2 thoughts on “Day 25!

  1. HI. I stumbled across something you wrote about a week ago that caught my attention enough that i followed you. Now, i’m getting a daily email of your personal successes in this power 90 thing.

    Can i ask what this is? What program are you following and why are you following it? Are you preparing for something or just trying to get into shape?

    For over a week now i read your post each morning and i think, “good for you!” but then i walk away and ask… why am i getting these emails and what was it you originally wrote that caught my attention, for i don’t recall. LOL (sorry).

    So, if you can… what program are you in, why are you in it and what are the results so far? Do you have any numbers? Anything else in this program that you are following other than your workout routine, like what you can/cannot eat, how often, etc?

    Thanks and regardless… continued good luck!


    • Thanks for reading my blog. Sorry for the confusion. I blog about a lot of different things so it could have been anything that got your initial attention… (see the widget on the right showing all the various keywords I blog about)

      Power 90 is an excercise routine that was developed a few years back by Tony Horton. You can read more about it over at and at It is the original workout tapes that are the predecessors and lower level tapes to the Power 90 X, i.e. P90X. P90X is what people hear about these days since it’s heavily advertised all over television, at least here in the United States.

      I’ve tried to do this tape the last few years sort of, I hate to admit. I’d start it go a few days and quit. I did that because I was not mentally of physically ready to make the changes in my life that I need to do this.

      Over the last few years many things in my life have caused me to be in depression, etc. If you look at the link for family funerals it might give you more insight. Over last 8 years of so I lost both of my grandfathers. In the same span of time my wife lost her last surviving grandparent, both her mother and father. In the same span of time she lost a cousin due to a car wreck that happened a couple of weeks prior to our wedding, she also lost a baby cousin that died when it was about six months old before she had a chance to meet him, one of my cousins received a brain injury when he fell down a flight of steps that caused the middle part of his brain to shift about half an inch, I lost another cousin that was about a year younger than myself that developed cancer extremely quickly and died shortly after that, and on top of all of that we ended up loosing a house and a lot of other things due to a bankruptcy. In short, we’ve been through hell and back and now are just starting to get on more stable ground financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and with this working out daily I’m trying to get in shape physically too…

      I’m not really preparing for anything other than just a great life. I was diagnosed with diabetes about a year and half ago, so my real ‘goal’ is basically to try to get to a point to where I don’t have to take metformin any more, and ultimately get to my target BMI weight(Body Mass Index) at least one time in my adult life, which I have never been able to accomplish yet, but hope to accomplish as I continue this journey.

      I’ll post some numbers in a little while. This upcoming Tuesday will be my first 30 days doing this workout routine. I might post some before and after pics.

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