Day 26 of Power 90

Day 26 of Power 90 is done! I did the Level III-IV cardio abs workout today. I’m still have a little trouble with the bunny hops and jumping jacks so half of the time since the muscles on back of my legs are taking all of that impact too hard so I do those by doing the cross work cross walks in speed motion when doing those a little. I still also have a bit of trouble doing the power yoga, but I can get through to the last poses before I have to take a break on that. I am able to get my legs to go through in the yoga more than I could a couple of weeks ago. I used to not be able to hardly ever do that since there was just too much gut in the way and not enough leg muscle to make it work right, so things are improving. Calves are burning a little now, but I can come back from that fairly quickly. It’s only when quads get burned like the other day that I have trouble coming back since those are muscles that were getting stretched too hard that I never use so they didn’t bounce back like a rubber band like they should….

Speaking of rubber bands, I’ve come to think of this whole process in terms of a rubber band metaphor since our bodies are indeed like rubber bands… stretch it too far and it breaks. Stretch it a little and it bounces right back in to shape in no time… Treat it bad and set it out in the sun all day and it’ll become brittle and break. Flex the right way and treat it good and it’ll last for years and decades to come. I’ve also started putting a couple of rubber bands around my wallet so as to remind myself when I think I need snacks and junk food that I don’t really want that…

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