Do I sleep walk?

Do I sleep walk? I didn’t used to think so, but lately I’ve been finding myself waking up without my bipap machine mask on at various times. I put the thing on when I go to sleep every night, but then wake up, either in the morning or in the middle of the night and it’s not on. Makes me curious how that happens. I guess I must either sleep walk or get up to go to the bathroom or something and just forget to put it back on when I go back to bed, and then later forget doing that?… Kinda strange, but nothing I’m too concerned about. A few years back it would have concerned me, but since I’ve studied a lot about how the brain works, and dreaming works, and since I have experienced what I call right-brain episodes from time to time, it really does not bother me nowadays. Just makes me curious about what is happening… and/or why?…

What is a right-brain episode… For me it’s a time when I get so involved in art related thinking when I’m focused on painting, or some other art related type of project that I loose the ability to remember things. It’s almost like I enter a get a temporary case of Alzheimer’s or something
but it’s not as serious as a fugue state. and it’s not real alzheimers because it does not last long…and mainly impacts only short term memories… I literally forget where I put things just a few minutes ago, hours ago, days ago, but can remember memories from many years ago with more vivid clarity than I normally can when I enter a right-brain episode. It also makes me a bit jumpy sometimes, kind of like when you get too tired and start sort of dreaming and thinking spiritually. and a bit primatively tribal, etc. when you are sort of still awake.. your brain starts playing tricks on you… you hear the creaks in the walls and start thinking you are hearing sounds that could be voices when no one is there, etc… typically the voices are mental replays of what I heard earlier in the day, or sometimes a day or two before, etc… sounds from tv shows, radio stations, etc. replaying themselves, etc. I used to get really bad about that back in college (hard to believe that was over 12 years ago) when I would pull all nighters doing paintings or other art projects, only to find myself in a big spooky building all by myself at 3:00 am in the morning the night before a 8:00 class the next day, etc.

Alzheimers is something that runs in my family, so it makes me worry about the future a bit.

Here’s a couple of interesting links about right and left brain topics…

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