Weight Lost so far…

In a recent comment someone asked me to post some numbers. On Tuesday it will have been 30 days that I have been doing the Power 90. My results have not been super spectacular but part of the reason for that is that the 4th of July Holiday and my mother’s birthday, along with the huge celebration in my hometown known as Heritage Days that always is right around the time of her birthday, fall in to some of the days that I’ve been doing this. I know that’s no excuse, but family get togethers are definitely one of my biggest problems with over-eating. It’s very difficult to stay in a 45-55 carb budget for meals when there’s a whole buffet of food that people have carried in and you are likely to get questions, comments etc. if you say you didn’t sample some of whatever whoever brought in, etc.

I was kinda scared to do a post like this since it’s sort of embarrassing to put the real numbers out here for the entire world to see just how freaking fat I am, etc., but I don’t plan to stay this weight any longer, just go down in weight from here.. so here goes…

I just did a weigh in again a few minutes ago. Right now I’m sitting at 288.6 Lbs. That’s a loss of 7.9 Lbs since June 24th and a loss of 7.5 lbs since last week.

Last week was a bad week because of the Forth of July. On the July 8th weigh in I was down only .04 lbs since June 24th because I had actually gained 4 lbs that week! About 90% of that was due to the two family get togethers.

I have not been measuring my sugar level every single day. However on the days that I have been, I have been seeing them drop. Back in June when I started it was normal to see the level at 170+ in the morning before breakfast (although some of that may have been skewed since part of it was measured after the workouts, and I’m told that working out actually increases your sugar level temporarily), around the first week of July it was typically around 150 or so. The last few days it’s been closer to 130-140 range.

When I first was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago, I was very good about measuring portion size, and working out and walking on breaks, etc. However, I fell off of the bandwagon for various reasons. Doing the Power 90 it is my goal to get back in to that, and I’m slowly getting there.

Below is a chart which on of my doctors printed up for me back in 2011 that I added some info too that sort of shows the weight losses that I had around the time that I was diagnosed with diabetes and some of the various traumas and stuff going on in my life that caused me stress which caused me to not diet or exercise as much….

I’m just a little bit above the lowest part of the dip there since my weight today is 288.6, which converts to 130.90675798200002 lbs. If I had a chart like that printed today it’d show major increase in weight with a new downward trend since I started the power 90 showing it going down again quickly. However, this time I am not going to let it go back up again!…

Going forward, I have no plans to go back up to where I was or where I am today. My ultimate goal is to get to my target BMI Weight. I have no idea how long it will take me to get there, but I’d like to get there at least one time in my adult life. Once I get there, plan to stay there!…

Why do I blog about all of this stuff? It’s because it helps me stay mentally focused on the target and helps me stay accountable. I could just put all of this stuff in an excel file and keep it for my eyes only, but if I did that, I’d probably fall off the bandwagon again, and I have no plans on doing that… so I keep the excel file. I keep this blog, and I write down my progress in notebooks too. Back in elementary school teachers always said that you reinforce what you learn if you come across it at least three times… They did that by making us read the material, hear it in classes, and write about it as well as talk about too… With the blog here, the notebook, and the excel file I’m keeping track of all of this at least three times so as to keep it sharply in my mind where I am and where I’m heading every single day so that I don’t stray too far away from my goals since I actually do plan to achieve success this time around!

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