Day 29 of Power 90

Day 29’s workout has now been completed. Did the Level I-II Circuit Tape today. Shoulder fly exercise put a bit of a strain on my neck/shoulders since I stuck with the 5 lb weight for them (usually switch to one lb weight up til now), but it’s not all that bad. I’ll probably stick with this level of circuit at least this week, maybe next week too. Someday before day 60 I will probably switch up to the level III-IV of this part of the program. I’ve already moved up to the III-IV cardio abs on the alternate days (the workouts session involved doing cardio/abs/’sweat’ tape one day and then circuit/’sculpt’ tape on the other days) and the III-IV cardio abs gets me sweating. I still have not been able to do all of the power yoga yet all the way through, but am getting closer. I got through to the sun pose yesterday before having to give up before my muscles couldn’t take it. There’s only one other basic pose after that, which is the warrior, so I am getting better than I was a week or two ago. Tomorrow will be day 30!… that’ll be 1/3 of the way through the program. I won’t ‘quit’ after 90 days though… This is really just the beginning of a new lifestyle I plan to stick with for life.

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