Well, day 90 is here. I didn’t really want to post videos here, but feel it might be the best way to do things since photos are really only give you so much of the picture. I really don’t like the results since they are not as great as I was hoping for them to be by now, but here are the videos… I am posting the videos now more or less for compare/contrast results for later at days 60 and 90….

BEFORE POWER 90 – shot 4/10/2012 (so it actually is a while before I started on doing the daily workouts consistently… I really ‘started’ the day after Father’s Day, June 18th. (We had a family get together on June 17th). I have some other video that is closer to Memorial Day, etc., but this one has the best lighting.

AFTER 30 DAYS OF POWER 90 (shot this morning, 7/17/2012 – lighting is not so great since it’s still dark outside)

I’m going to do the Cardio/Abs routine now as today’s workout in a few minutes… if I still have enough time — I should have time, just might be rushed as I make lunch and get a shower, etc. before work since it’s a few minutes later than I normally workout in the mornings. Got up earlier today than normal to make time to make the video before the workout.

I see the most difference in viewing the videos in the amount of flab in my back, etc. The results for day 60 should be better since I am starting up the level III-IV tapes some and am probably going to start going tot he arc after work starting Wednesday…

Today’s weight is 289.2 lbs, which is up .6 lbs since July 14th… but is 7.3 lbs down since 6/24/2012. The weight gain does not surprise me much since I’ve started eating sunflower seeds and flax seeds the last few days. Those are dense protein and carbs, but are supposed to help you lose weight ultimately since they make you feel more full, etc.

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