Day 31 – Back to the Circuit!

Day 31 workout is done now. I went back to the III-IV circuit today. I was not able to do all of the squat lunges, and am not sure I wanted to really since that’s what screwed up my legs last time I tried this tape. I did about half of them though, so I’ll do a few more next time, and just build up to it. I feel great having accomplished this after the problems last time.

Last night, I cancelled the arc. I had to do so for several reasons. One of the main reasons if a financial one. Tekla’s going back to school so we need to free up a few bucks a month where we can. Dropped Netflix and Hulu about a month ago. We’ll drop more stuff where we can when we need to if we need to. I also cancelled the arc because I have not been going much since I started this Power 90. I do still need to start up doing some sort of cardio at night though, so I probably will start doing more stuff like taking long walks or jogs at night, and/or finding some non-power 90 type of cardio workout at night. Tekla has a few dance, yoga, and tae bo tapes from a few years back and I have plex on the roku and have found a few various workout tapes in some of the channels in that thing, so will just need to look around for something that works well. Not sure exactly what but I’ll figure out something.

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