Day 32 – rest day

Today is Day 32 on the Power 90. Even though it’s the middle of the week, I’m going to use today as a ‘rest day’ since I was up multiple times throughout the night… I’m a light sleeper and the wind’s been rocking the walls and windows all night long. I think I hear thunder in the distance. Maybe the ‘drought’ is over. We’ve had 90+ temperatures for about 2 weeks every day around here lately. Just yesterday or the day before every county in the state was declared a disaster area so that farmers can start getting some settlements and stuff to help fix the problems all this dry hot days have been bringing to their crops.

Grass everywhere is yellow already around here. Fires have been happening a lot more often due to the heat according to the news. Wild fires in areas that don’t normally get them is a pretty darn dangerous situation.

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