Day 34

Day 34 – it’s a little after 8:30 pm and I just got done with today’s cardio/ab III-IV workout. I’m feeling extremely exhausted and sore as hell. Back of Neck and abs are feeling it the most I think. I’m also having a bit of trouble breathing too… probably ate too much of the bad stuff today… We went to see the new batman movie and had our regular there – nachos and cheese… and then went out to Chili’s for supper after that. Cajun pasta there + ice cream afterwards was a heck of a lot of carbs just a few hours ago so all that in the stomach… mixed in the the ‘rough stuff’ — lettuce from the regular ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch, sunflower seeds for snacks, flax seed powder mixed in with breakfasts sometimes (although we other stuff for breakfast today)… it’s like a grinder in there… belching and getting heartburn type of stuff going on in workouts is not a good feeling… might cut back on sunflower seeds a bit going forward. It is a good idea, but I think I might overdo it as a snack too much…

The last couple of days doing nighttime routines has made me really want to just go ahead and get up early in the morning to do the workouts then since it seems like they are easier in the morning since body is not full of carbs, etc. I was reading in a blog or new story online somewhere – webmd I think?… the other day that morning routines are better for you since liver has less glucogen in it at that time. Also read in same article or a similar one that working out in morning is better since more people tend to stick with the morning routines as they become a part of their lives…

I do still plan on probably trying to do two workouts a day someday, probably sooner rather than later, but need to get ready for it mentally. Not sure if I am too sure yet. I’ll probably try to mix it up and do various cardio workouts at nights and stick with Power 90 mornings. Fit for duty seems to be a neat little video podcast from the Pentagon channel that might be one routine I work in. I’m not sure what else I’ll do, but maybe some of the dance tapes, Richard Simmons tapes and other things we have in our dvd rack from the last several years might get tried… just got to do something since the Power 90 is building me muscles but I’m not loosing a hell of a lot of weight yet very quickly… I weighed in on the last night… I was 294.3 lbs. That’s a gain of 5.1 lbs between 7/17/2012 and 7/21/2012! That leaves me at 2.2 lbs lost since I started weighing in on this thing… Trying to think back on eating habbits. The cake at the department meeting that I had two slices of was not smart… The biscuit and gravy and home fries the other day in the morning at work after the night of not much sleep before then was not too smart either (think that may have actually been the same darn day!)…

Bottom Line… I’m not loosing weight even though I am gaining definition simply because I eat too blasted much on occasion and don’t burn enough calories daily to make the difference up. In theory if I do a workout in morning and at night I should be able to bypass this since calorie burn per day will drastically increase.

A few years back there was a weight loss thing at work and me and a few coworkers did some bets and stuff… I won that by doing workouts in morning and night back then for about the 2 months that that went on… but then I quit it. I lost about 20-30 lbs back then in that… so I know this ol body can do two workouts a day. It’s just a matter of making myself do it and figuring out a way to look at it as a good and positive thing rather than as ‘torture’… right now I am mentally not sure if I can make myself think this, but I’m in hope that this can happen.

My art has become pretty non-existent since I’ve started this thing as art requires mental focus and lots of energy both physical and mental. I haven’t felt like I could do that after putting in the effort to do the workouts. I am going to try to overcome that hurdle too eventually… not sure I’m up for it yet, but will be someday. I used to walk to work many years ago and shoot photos along the way when I lived close enough to work to do that. I loved those ‘nature walks’ and many of my cloud photos and texture photos on turboquid came about because of that. I might try to get in to that sort of thing more as the nightly routine to give myself more variety and love for just doing some sort of exercise then, even if it is just walking around with a camera bending over to shoot ever few seconds, or aiming at sky, etc… those sort of movements are similar to some stretches in some yoga and tai chi type of workouts in some ways… I have a weighted vest but haven’t used it much. Doing those types of walks with that on could be in my future….

Either way… got to do more since this gaining 5 lbs in just a few days regularly is not acceptable.

This upcoming week I’m burning some vacation before I loose it, so we are having a little bit of a ‘staycation.’ Because of that I need to probably try to work in this workout twice a day thing now so as to get myself in to the swing of it before getting back to regular going to work 40 hour a week thing starts back up… the next few days are going to be crucial in trying to get this to work both mentally and physically.

Other than fit for duty, I added a bunch of of other podcasts from itunes to the roku’s favorites today. The Parkour Office Hours podcast seemed pretty interesting even though I’m not much of PK guy (yet).

Back in college I did do a little bit of that but it wasn’t called that back then…

I ran barefoot around campus… actually around the town near the campus too… got to where I was jogging about 2 miles barefoot back then across gravel roads, pavement, etc. Very stupid stuff looking back on it since it could have massively screwed up my feet, but that’s what I did back then… figured if the indians could do it I could too… Also go to where I’d do tons of crunches back then… I’d basically just do them for about 15 minutes nonstop after the barefoot runs… really stupid looking back now since I read an article or three the last month or two that say you can’t isolate like that since focusing on just abs and not back will cause there to be too much pressure… sort of like imagining muscles and skin as skin on a drum… or canvas on a stretcher… pull too tight on one side and you’ll punch a hole in the other side… or back to the rubber band reference… pull too much on one side and you’ll stretch the other side to a point where it breaks eventually… got to keep all sides equally pressurized so as to not break… breaking is not good when you are talking about your body… this good ol bodies can only be repaired in so many ways… got to take care of your body…

more silly college pk type junk… Regularly jumped down stairwells, etc. back then just for the heck of it (guess that’d be for lulz using todays lingo or for shits and grins using yesterday’s)… I lived in the third floor of a residence hall back then and stairwell was usually empty most of the time… so I just grabbed the banister and sort of hurled my body over it down a flight of step and did that to the bottom – one hop per floor. Eventually added more manuevers to that over time… got to where I would literally sort of climb the middle of the banisters like a ladder both up and down too, etc…. later that semester I bought my first roller blades and crashed big time going down one of the biggest hills in Kirksville on campus (the sidewalk on the hill above the ‘red barn park’ that goes down towards the barn and across the little stream there… I missed the bridge and screwed up my knees fairly badly then… that made me stop the working out and stuff back then… and I’ve never really gotten back to working out regularly since that time until that weight thing at work a couple of years after that… and now.

Before that college episode I did some sports in high school… but not too much of it… I was on the track team and did the shot put and discus throws, and the ‘fat man’s relay’ – the 4×100 relay that us shotput and discus folks did on occasion. There was also one semester that I did wrestling in high school and I loved that but didn’t stick with it since I was forced in to having to pick up a part time job back then to help pay for the car, etc. Hated that job. I washed dishes for the hospital… Puree spinach has to be the grossest stuff on the face of the earth to clean or look at.

Basically what I’m getting at is that I’ve never really been ‘in shape’ much for extended periods of time in my entire life. I plan to change that now, going forward… and I know I can do it… and I really ‘must’ do it because, as John Tesh would say, “I want to” do it… so I “don’t want” to keep following the bad habbits of overeating, eating too many carbs, and not exercising enough to burn more calories than I’m taking in.

Yep, next few days are crucial.

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