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Day 36 addon

Did a light cardio tape again tonight. I’ll keep doing this every night, switching up what I do so as to keep myself from being bored… I’m hoping this addon will cause calorie burn per day to essentially double since I want to get results and I want to get them now. Doing one workout a day is ok, but I want to be ‘active’ and one workout a day is barely starting to be there. Doing 2 a day is better so long as I space them out enough so one is in the morning and one is at night. As long as I don’t burn myself out, I should do ok. 🙂

Doctor has said in the past that one hour a day should be a ‘goal’ for me or anyone wanting to get active. These tapes are a little over or under 30 minutes each so two a day is not really ‘overdoing’ it I think.


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