Day 36 Power 90

Day 36’s Power 90 workout is now done. Did the Level III-IV Cario/abs/’sweat’ tape.

The ab workout was tough since I just ate lunch about 15 minutes before the workout. I find that this workout is much, much, much easier early in the morning when I haven’t eaten yet. I didn’t do it early this morning though because I had to go to the doctor appointment this morning. They did do a blood draw, so it’s a good thing I fasted. Last night before bed sugar was about 130 or a little lower so I didn’t want to risk ruining blood sugar and/or risk a sugar crash with a morning workout and/or cause a blood sugar spike with workout this morning since I’m told that working out causes blood sugar to increase temporarily as body is trying to make up for calories being burned by opening the flood gates and throwing sugar in to feed the body with energy as you work it.

I’ll probably do another cardio workout tonight.

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