Day 37!

Day 37 Power 90 Workout is now down for the count! Today’s workout was probably the ‘most interrupted’ ever. Had a call from my brother-in-law during the 7-7-7 pushups and had a conversation with my wife about 10 minutes before that before she headed out the door to do some errands. However, this workout is now knocked out. I had to go down to the 5 lb weights a lot more often than in past workouts when I was using the 10 lb ones because IO may be overdoing it with the ‘add on’ workouts at night. My wife is kindly suggesting that I stop the night workouts so that I give my body more time to repair. I am still on the fence about this since I really don’t want to tear my body down too much but feel the extra workout is needed to help with the calorie burn factor.

I probably should only be weighing in once a week, but weighed in again today because I’m wanting to verify the accuracy of the scale. So far it seems ok, so maybe that few days back when I ‘lost’ over 5 lbs overnight was right. Can’t imagine how it could be, but maybe it was?

Today’s weigh in results:
286.2 lbs.
Total lost since 7/22/2012 (the first weigh in day) = 1.5 lbs
Total lost since 6/24/2012 = 10.3 lbs

In the discussion with the Doctor yesterday, the doc said that loosing 4 lbs or more a month is considered a good step in right direction and any more than that is ‘excellent.’.. Loosing 1.5 lbs in 2 days may be too much in that case, so I’ll probably try to keep up the nightly workouts but if they get in the way I’ll drop them in a week or two. I do ‘feel the burn’ a little more than normal, and the nightly workout is probably the reason for that. If this level of ‘pain’ gets worse throughout the week it’ll probably be a sign that I should drop the nightly workouts.

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