Rest days…

yesterday was ‘officially’ supposed to be a ‘rest day.’ I went up and visited some family. However, it was a little bit of a cardio day since chasing the 5 year old nephew all over the zoo is a little bit of work.

Today we just got home a couple of hours ago so I’m considering today ‘rest’ day too. This is the first week since I’ve started the Power 90 that I did 2 rest days in a row. The book with the program says you are only supposed to have one day a week to rest… but since I plan to continue well past day 90, probably for life, I think a day or two of faltering is ok now and then. … The couple of days of rest probably doesn’t hurt me much since I may have not been giving body enough time to rest since I started these nightly workouts. I may have to go back to doing morning workouts to stay on track and not burn out?

I WILL get back on track tomorrow.

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